Chapter 46: Kaa’s smug tale of shame

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Joyla stepped from the taxi, looked over the blue waters of the bay, the marina full of pleasure craft white and sparkling in the sun, the green and rolling island hills, then crossed the street to Luca, the smell of garlic sautéing in olive oil wafting to her.

Kaa was there, at the same table, organza fluttering above him. He had a two-thirds full bottle of grappa, two narrow glasses, an iPad he was reading from, a half-full glass of water.




In the near future in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, climate change is making the legendary creatures of China angry enough to take drastic measures. Follow the schemes and seductions of dragons, Tesla-driving gods and immortal humans as they fight in the shadows.

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Michael Barnard

Michael Barnard

Advisor Agora & ELECTRON. Founder distnc & TFIE. Publish on low-carbon transformation and related politics.

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