Guarda Mobile Multiwallet is here!

Guarda introduces Mobile Multiwallet — the universal cryptocurrency wallet that helps users to store and manage multiple coins and tokens within one application. The Wallet is already available to download for Android and iOS:

When developing this application, we were trying to combine the best of Guarda’s traditions for light and non-custodial wallets with new features and a slightly different approach. It surely was a challenging way, but we made it and are proud to present the new product to our community.

The features of Guarda Mobile Multiwallet include:

  • Storing a variety of cryptocurrencies in one easily accessible place
  • Swapping any of supported coins and tokens inside the application via built-in Exchange service
  • Making fast and simple transactions wallet-to-wallet
  • Securely purchasing cryptocurrencies in just a few easy steps
  • Importing the wallets and making transactions with QR code

Besides what is already available on Mobile Multiwallet, Guarda is about to add:

  • Accessing the wallet with Touch ID
  • Swapping any coins and tokens inside the wallet
  • Sharing the wallet address on social media
  • Buying cryptocurrencies with bank cards

For more information on the release, read the detailed Mobile Multiwallet description on Guarda’s blog: