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US Bank Morgan Stanley Offers Its Customers Bitcoin

US bank Morgan Stanley offers its customers bitcoin

Morgan Stanley, a prominent US financial institution, becomes the first traditional bank to provide its clients with Bitcoin (BTC).

According to CNBC, the bank is preparing to launch three investment funds that “will allow the purchase of bitcoins,” an unidentified source told the media. The bank conveyed the announcement to its financial advisers on Wednesday, 17 March, the publication specifies.

While other institutions have issued bonds, indices, and other indirect bitcoin investment vehicles in the past, all indications are that depositors will be direct owners of their bitcoins (BTC). However, the storage method that will be used is not specified.

Cryptocurrencies could become mainstream, says Visa CEO

Visa CEO Al Kelly recently shared his updated view on cryptocurrencies and the company’s position. The latest edition of the Leadership Next podcast with Alan Murray and Ellen McGirt was published on Tuesday. They spoke to Visa CEO Al Kelly about cryptocurrencies and their position.

So, Alan Murray and Ellen McGirt asked Al Kelly, given the recent rise in bitcoin prices, what this means for Visa’s business. In this regard, Kelly stated, “I would like to divide cryptocurrencies into two cubes. One is the most speculative asset, and the other is digital gold.”

Of course, Bitcoin falls into the first category. So, Kelly assured them that they are working on the ability to buy through Visa first.

And secondly, Kelly explained that Visa is working with some cryptocurrency wallets to allow Bitcoin to be converted into fiat currency and therefore immediately usable in any of the 70 million places around the world used. Visa accepts it.

On the other hand, the second category that Visa divides cryptocurrencies into is digital currencies. ” In this, we see great potential for them to become a new means of payment. If we look at the world, it could be a catalyst for growth in some emerging markets,” Kelly explained.

Cardano (ADA) gets a lot of support from Bloomberg

The news spread quickly via social media, especially as crypto users began adding screenshots of Cardano’s addition to the Bloomberg platform, widely used by professional investors worldwide.

As we see in the previous tweet, Bloomberg added a brief explanation of what Cardano is and how it works to its platform. Thus, it was solely an explanation of the token, but no pricing data was included.

Why is this considered a significant push for cryptocurrency?

Since the beginning of 2021, crypto ADA Cardano has shown a high growth level, starting the year at 18 cents, but it is currently at $1.05. According to CoinMarketCap, ADA ranks fifth in terms of market capitalization among all cryptocurrencies.

Also, note that the Bloomberg terminal service is a product used to access, collect and analyze financial information. At the cost of between $20,000 and $40,000 per month, Terminal is reserved for the financial industry’s most significant and most influential players.

In that sense, the cryptocurrency community considers the addition of Cardano to Bloomberg an outstanding achievement, all the more so because it reflects the fact that institutional investors have seen significant potential in ADA.

Chinese smartphone maker invests $90m in cryptocurrency

Meitu already bought bitcoin and Ethereum twice in March. The company believes that digital currencies are in their infancy, similar to how the mobile internet industry developed in 2005.

Meitu announced the purchase of 386.08 bitcoins for $21.6 million and 16,000 Ethereums for $28.4 million. Meitu’s total investment in cryptocurrency now stands at nearly $90 million.

The company last bought digital coins on March 5. It purchased 15,000 Ethereums for $22.1 million and 379 bitcoins for $17.9 million. The cryptocurrency investment report notes that digital currencies are in their infancy, similar to how the mobile internet industry evolved in 2005.

Art theft has reached the digital world: someone has stolen thousands of dollars worth of NFT

Nifty Gateway, a platform for buying and selling NFTs, has suffered what could be considered the first theft of digital artwork in history. In recent days, several users have reported that their accounts were hacked. They lost their NFTs by thousands of dollars and bought more NFTs without permission using their bank cards.

Nifty Gateway allows you to conveniently buy and sell NFT using bank cards instead of cryptocurrency. According to Vice, some users have reported that their accounts have been hacked in recent days. Attackers would usually sell NFTs or buy more using a credit card and then sell them again. All to get the money and transfer it to an external bank account.
One user reported on Twitter that he lost a total of $20,000. All this, of course, because of the value attached to the NFTs in question. Also, give out a list of stolen art items:

According to Nifty Gateway, the hacked users did not have two-step verification enabled in their accounts. This allowed hackers to access users’ emails and from there to the Nifty Gateway account.



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