Mark Jeffrey
May 9, 2018 · 2 min read

Using the NEO Morpheus wallet to participate in the Guardium Token Sale (Global 911) couldn’t be easier.

Here’s my wallet:

As you can see, I start with 1 NEO, 10 GAS and 1 $GDM (that’s Guardium).

Now, let’s buy some Guardium! (Note: First, your wallet address has to be cleared on the Guardium Whitelist — more info here)

Click on dApp Browser in the lower left menu. That will bring you here:

Now just click on the GUARDIUM TOKEN SALE banner, and you’ll get this:

Now just enter in the amount of NEO you want to spend …. I only have 1 NEO, so I entered that — — and hit SEND. That will get you a confirmation screen like so ….

And then BAM! A few moments later, after the NEO blockchain updates, you end up with your $GDM. You get 200 $GDM per NEO, so, since I started with 1 $GDM, I now have 201 $GDM like so:

If I click on the Guardium box, I can get an expanded view:

From this screen, I can send Guardium to anyone I want by simply entering their NEO address (which doubles as a GDM address, they’re the same thing).

See? Pretty simple! Congrats to the Morpheus folks — this works great, and looks really slick!!

Guardian Circle

Community Emergency Response Network and $GUARD Token

Mark Jeffrey

Written by

Co-Founder & CEO Guardian Circle

Guardian Circle

Community Emergency Response Network and $GUARD Token

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