A Cheaper Alternative To Making Your Screen Anti-reflective

Scientists have developed an innovative glass surface, which reduces glare and reflection on a mobile device and is said to be coming out for public consumption soon. The team of researchers believes that a lot of time and energy has gone into anti glare and anti reflective technology. So any added feature on a device gives it an edge. Till now nothing of this sort has been featured in any instrument. Users have to pay a lot of extra money for a film or filter so as to use their phones is bright sunlight.

Valerio Pruneri from the Institute of Photonic Sciences (IFCO) in Barcelona, Spain and Prantik Mazumder’s team from New York based Corning Incorporated together collaborated in developing this glass surface. The team has roughened the glass surface in such a way that it scatters the light to deflect glare without actually damaging the glasses transparency after which the surface is imprinted with nano sized teeth to make it anti reflective. The roughness of the material means that each individual ray meets a surface, which has a different orientation, so when the individual rays reflect off the rough surface according to the law of reflection, they scatter in different directions thus reducing the glare. The same concept is used in making the planes invisible to the radar, where the radar waves are bounced across in all direction so they cannot be read by the radar. Since this technology is inexpensive and affordable it can be extended for industrial use.

So soon now watching a video or reading something on your smartphone in bright light without having to tilt your phone becomes easier without having to spend a lot.

Originally published at chip-monks.com.