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3 min readJan 15, 2021
What better picture to summarise the year than a zoom call screenshot with happy faces.

2020 was not easy and unsettled all our plans initially, but we emerged with a lot of clarity because of the time we had; to reflect and reprioritise.

Thank You for being a supporter of guch & here’s a little bit of what transpired in 2020 and what we are going after in 2021.

Before anything else, here’s what I wrote on guch in March when we transitioned from an agency model to building a product. Everyone who I went for advice told me it was going to be hard on the team, the clients, the vendors and also on me to make this transition as it required a completely different way of thinking. And true to what I was told, it has been painful — some team members had to leave, we have had to say ‘No’ to certain clients, we have had to spend a lot more time talking to team members on this transition — and on top of all of this, COVID happened and this meant even more ambiguity.

For those of you who don’t know us,

guch delivers high quality video to enterprises at speed & scale using a full stack product & a market network of the best video professionals.

Themes around which guch is built

  • gig economy & remote work
  • building for the world and servicing the world from India
  • collaboration & workflow efficiency tools to disrupt the way video is delivered to enterprises (disrupting the creative agency business)

The below is what we did in 2020

Building products — guch & Final

  • Launched the MVP of guch in Sep 2020, released another version soon after — we have seen adoption from some key clients
  • Our Gross Sales Volume is quickly closing in on $500K
  • Ideal customer profiles — We only work with customers with more than $100M in revenue or a Billion dollars in valuation — we worked with Linkedin, Sitecore, Udaan, Razorpay to name a few.
  • We have launched a product called Final. This is a simple tool that helps any video/audio/podcast professional send a file to review to clients. We are also having a PH launch on the 3rd of Feb.
  • We are 19 team members today — more nimble, more focussed. — This had to do with the transition from agency to product. However, all our previous team members are still working on projects with us as guch pros.
  • Supply Aggregation — We want to work with the top 2% of video professionals and we are currently handpicking them after thorough vetting. Our network is currently at 150 professionals. We want to provide our customers with differentiated, high quality supply.

Here’s are some video testimonials from top guch pros

Mad Over Videos

We realised the importance of building a customer community and launched Mad Over Videos as our media outlet. MOV was previously a very successful in person event that we did in 2019.

We have completed 29 podcasts with leaders from Google, Freshworks, Linkedin, Facebook, Phonepe, Activecampaign, Xactly to name a few from the ICP. We have also launched initiatives like MOV Buzz, MOV Spotlight, leadHERs, etc. Overall, this initiative is driving great demand and branding for us.

On a fun note, here’s a video of our team working from home!

2020 was a year of clarity for us. With the razor sharp focus that we have now, we are excited going into 2021.

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2021!



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