Here are the 7 Most Important Social Media Platforms for your ICO

Yuval Halevi
Jun 6, 2018 · 4 min read

At GuerrillaBuzz we work with ICOs from all over the world. Majority of them are extensively tired from all the different social media platforms, whereas the crypto community expects a high quality ICO to be active on different channels.

Personally, a CMO of a successful ICO should receive an Oscar reward.

So here are the most important social media platforms for your ICO:

Besides the fact that Twitter is a popular social media platform in the world, Crypto influencers and companies are using it to enhance communication with their community. Not only that, but it is also used to announce about new partnerships or speculations about the price.

Great platform for announcements within the crypto community
- You can leverage Twitter by communicating with companies in your niche, retweet their tweets and interact with them.

- Twitter ban all the ads related to ICO’s

2. Steemit:
If you are new to the crypto world, you have probably never heard about it. Steemit is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content. Also, the users are getting paid in STEEM coin.

— Most of the Steemit users own cryptocurrencies.
— Steemit is one of the best platforms to run content competitions for your ICO. You can ask the community to write articles about your ICO and offer a convenient price for the best writer. You might be surprised from the amount of buzz and attention these competitions can create.
— With more than 30 Million views per month, Steemit can get you a great exposure.

- Still a ‘young’ social media.
— Many bounty hunters/ people who only care about getting rewards for each action

3. BitcoinTalk:
Rome was an empire once, and so was Bitcointalk.
Satoshi Nakamoto created the Bitcointalk forum, where he posted the first message in 2009, and the commonly used term “Hodl” were invested there! In the past two years, the forum has become less popular, and so has the quality of the traffic, wherein a popular post might not get to your website

— One of the best places to find bounty hunters for your ICO.
— Every ICO should make an ANN post (Announcement) On Bitcointalk..
Here is a good example for an high quality ANN post.

- Compare to Reddit and Steemit, the exposure that a post can get is extremely low.
— The website lost its glory in the last two years. The core bitcoin community moved from Bitcointalk to Reddit.

4. Telegram:
The bread and butter of the crypto community is Telegram. Every ICO project must have an active group with at least one admin that keeps an eye out for new members.
Telegram will become your way to interact with the community, converting new members into real supporters and create an army of followers.

Tip: Most of the ICOs think that the size of the group matter. When you have 20k members that don’t write any message because you have paid for them, it looks suspicious. Get real people who will provide you real value.

- Great way to build a community around your ICO.
— You can reward users for helping you out to spread the word around your ICO

- Most of the ICOs can’t resist and buy thousands of fake telegram members.

5. Discord:
Many of the cryptocurrency traders are enthusiastic about few things, such as technology, blockchain, and gaming. Discord is one of the most popular platforms for gamers to communicate with each other. Due to this, many ICOs are using it to get exposure to more traders and crypto enthusiasts.

6. Quora:
With more than 560 million views per month, Quora is the most popular Q&A website in the world. Even though most of the ICOs are not using it, I strongly feel that Quora can be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

- Quora is a great platform for self-branding. As an ICO, you need to think about how can you make people trust your project and your team. As your CMO, CEO or any other executive from your company, you can ensure a real value to your readers and gain credibility within your niche. This can help you receive more followers and gain long term loyalty.
— Great exposure.

- It takes time to write a high quality answer (could take up to a few hours)

Reddit is, without a doubt, one of the most important platforms for any ICO or a crypto-related project. With more than 1.52 Billion views per month and the largest crypto community in the world, Reddit is a great place to promote your content at, make announcements to the community and give value to the crypto world.

- One of the most popular websites in the world.
— Can drive INSANE amount of traffic!
— Helps to enhance your branding and credibility
— The core of the crypto community is there. Once a post will become popular, it will get exposed to dozens of other trading groups/related websites.
— Promoting on Reddit will force you to create a high quality content that will ensure real value to the community and not only mention how great your ICO is (a common mistake that most of the ICOs are doing).

- Many rules. If you won’t know how to promote your content. your post will be removed and you might get banned.
— Bad content won’t help you get any exposure. Reddit upvote & downvote system makes it almost impossible for bad content to get to the front page.


We’ve helped our clients raise more than $100 Million. by following the tips I gave you in this article and by creating a custom marketing plan for each and every one of them and promoting them in a creative way.


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We are a reputed Blockchain PR and marketing Agency. Our blockchain public relations services helped our clients raise more than $300 million.

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We are a reputed Blockchain PR and marketing Agency. Our blockchain public relations services helped our clients raise more than $300 million.