How Facebook, Google and Twitter ban turned Reddit into the best place to promote your ICO

Many giant tech-companies criticized the crypto world. Facebook, Google and Twitter, the largest media platforms in the world have recently banned all the advertisements related to Cryptocurrencies and ICOs.

By doing so, it has become much more expensive and challenging to promote an ICO. With hundreds of new ICOs joining the crypto economy each month, and limited spots to promote the content, marketing prices have reached sky high.

After Facebook, Google and Twitter Ban,What is left to promote an ICO?

There are plenty of other platforms, which I believe, will help your ICO receive exposure to a thousands of crypto traders. Websites such as Steemit, Quora & Bitcointalk might be useful for your marketing efforts, but none of them is as compatible as the marketing potential of Reddit.

Don’t let the ‘bad UX’ fool you. With 1.52 Billion online visitors, Reddit is one of the most popular websites in the world. Reddit even passed Facebook recently and became the third most popular website in the US!

/r/Cryptocurrency, for example, is a popular subreddit among the Reddit community. As for this moment, there are 682k members, and 8700 people online right now. It’s not just random people, we speak about 8700 people, where most of them are traders, blockchain or crypto enthusiasts. These are the people who would once know about your ICO and will spread the word about it in their community (Telegram/Discord/ Local bitcoin meeting etc…). Now, That’s a lot of power.

Shill vs Real Value

Reddit is not like any other platform, You can’t just promote your content and expect the post to stay there or the community to support you.

In Reddit, you should always bring something new and useful that gives real value to the readers.

Many ICOs promote themselves on Reddit by saying that they are the next big ICO or they are going to create a revolution. The sad part is that they don’t mean what they say. Posts like these are less likely to get on the front page of any big subreddit.

The only way to promote your content on Reddit is by finding the right balance between pushing your idea and bringing real value to the reader.

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