Guesser expands product and announces seed round to make prediction markets more accessible to mainstream users

Jose Garay
Apr 24 · 4 min read

New product release

Until now, the Guesser interface included only a few markets curated by fairness and liquidity in a simple homepage and our special Bet of the Week, creating weekly markets that have seen tens of thousands of dollars wagered in their outcomes.

$1.1M seed investment round

We are thrilled to announce we’ve partnered up with Version One, Compound and Boost VC through a $1.1M investment round that gives us the opportunity to build a top team of highly driven people, define market distribution, as well as act as a high liquidity provider in some markets.

Our vision

As 2018 ended, we looked at Augur in depth and explained our vision of what was missing in decentralized prediction markets. Weeks later, we launched our alpha to a small group of users. Around two months ago, we opened that mainnet release to the world and launched our Bet of the Week initiative.

  • Decentralized cryptocurrencies and smart contracts are the definitive solution to the hurdles that prediction markets have faced over decades to gain global relevance because they allow for the permissionless creation and trading of outcomes.
  • This peer to peer core layer provides the necessary technology for this mission. Companies built harnessing this tech must provide the necessary distribution.
  • Distribution combines creating easy to use products, onboarding large volumes, building engaging experiences around usage, and navigating different legal landscapes… that’s what we are working on.

Join our team

Making predictions more accessible and easy to grasp means:

  • Creating a mobile-native experience.
  • Accepting multi-currency payments.
  • Allowing heavy users to create markets as well as open orders.
  • Making interacting with this tech as simple as possible.
  • And much more!
  • Backend Developer: help us scale the site and its usage while you enjoy tinkering with the connections to the smart contracts layer.
  • Data Engineer: have full flexibility and decision making power in building, developing and deploying our market data infrastructure.


Prediction markets made simple.

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Prediction markets made simple.