Create Calculators from Guesstimate Models

Ozzie Gooen
Jul 26, 2016 · 2 min read

Guesstimate spreadsheets are flexible, but not always simple. Sometimes you just want to run one particular function multiple times or share it with others.

After several requests, we’ve put together a system for creating calculators from spreadsheets.

This calculator is useable here.

Making these is simple. In existing models you should have already named the metrics, so here you just need to select which should be shown in a given calculator. You can reorder these as you like. The names and descriptions of the metrics are tied to the metrics in the corresponding spreadsheets, but you can add custom names and descriptions to the calculators to provide custom explanations.

Calculator inputs could be either exact numbers or 90% confidence intervals (i.e. “3 to 9”).

The interface for editing a calculator

What are calculators useful for? Here are some ideas:

  • If someone is skeptical of your budget, make them a calculator and have them play with the inputs.
  • Want to convince others of the ROI of your product? Make a calculator for them to estimate it with.
  • Curious how much time you’ll spend brushing your teeth over your life? Use someone else’s calculator if one exists.

We’ve made a few of these already and have heard stories of them being handy so far. If you make any interesting ones, please post them in the comments below!

The Guesstimate Blog

A spreadsheet for things that aren’t certain

Ozzie Gooen

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Working on Guesstimate, a spreadsheet for things that aren’t certain

The Guesstimate Blog

A spreadsheet for things that aren’t certain

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