Hassle-Free Short Term Rental Benefits

There is no denying the fact that:
Airbnb continues to explode in popularity across the world

Millions of people searching for a unique rental experience have created a market that is scarcely being met by current supply, particularly in expensive tourist hotspots and global hubs (consider the cities that we are operating in…).

Despite market differences, short term rental is generally classified by many, from property investors to international developers, as anything from a day to months. Be it for casual or business travelers, short term accommodation makes perfect sense to them for a variety of reasons.


So what are you waiting for?
Give up that second job and let out your apartment for the weekend!

Let us tell you the benefits to running a short let property

Hotel prices are higher than ever — with Europe and Asia Pacific being the key regions with highest occupancy rate for the industry.

Against these skyrocketing hotel prices, the flexibility on short term rental pricing provides hosts with a great (default) edge to welcome travellers. For we know, price is always part of the consideration factor in selection.

Here’s a secret you don’t often hear about:
Being Airbnb hosts means you meet all kinds of people and there are a lot of circumstances that you can accommodate awesome guests in your unit!

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to narrow in on the cases of bad renters and terrible situations. But, truly, those cases are so few and far between, that’s why they make headlines. And also, you never have to worry about being stuck with deadbeat or troublesome renters for the long haul anymore!

Some things to consider…

While hosting can be full of excitement and a great source of additional income, it also requires hard work. Checking guests in and out, responding to their queries and online messages, changing linen and cleaning your home, all these operational and logistical tasks can add up and be exhausting.

Not to mention the pressure of maintaining a professional listing (with photos, descriptions and all) plus the need to be nice to all your potential guest queries and reviews.

Take note:
Hosts who respond quickly (and in a friendly manner) are placed higher in Airbnb’s algorithm for search listings, meaning — more attentive hosts earn more money. $$$!

GuestReady - Airbnb Management Service - London

As hosts grapple with all these things, GuestReady has sprung up to take care of all these details. GuestReady take care of the listings, including taking professional photos, responding to guests and looking after the guests once they’ve landed. To hosts, this hassle free service pays for itself, as their new optimised Airbnb listing brings in 10%-30% more revenue than by doing it themselves, more than the management fee!

At a glance:
These are the main benefits for you

  • Make more money on Airbnb
  • Make use of idling assets
  • Airbnb management service — always keeping your place ready for guests, no hassle!
  • Never to worry about troublesome renters anymore

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