GuestBook Host: Here’s what’s new.

We’ve just recently released some exciting new updates to the GuestBook Host mobile app, and I wanted to share them with you. For the last two weeks we’ve been hard at work making some improvements to how we organize reports and keep you on top of important events at your property. such as cleaning and transactions from EEM (Earn Extra Money).

Jobs Tracking:

We’ve added full jobs tracking functionality with a calendar to your dashboard. This lets you easily follow the schedule of cleaning assignments at your property. When you activate GuestBook Pro for your cleaners, you’ll be able to access all jobs assigned in the past, present and future, to your cleaning staff. If there are jobs for a particular day, it will display with color coded dots:

Green = Job completed successfully / Scheduled.
Yellow = Your cleaner reported supplies are needed.
Red = A damage report was added to the cleaning report.

When new cleaning jobs are assigned to your cleaning professional, the show up on your calendar too. This way you can be sure the right person is scheduled for the job. When the cleaning job is done, you’ll be able to access a full report card within a single click.

To activate GuestBook Pro, simply log in to your dashboard, click on the GuestBook pro service and enter your cleaning professional’s mobile number.

If you’re not familiar with the GuestBook Pro app for your cleaning professionals, click here to learn more.


If you haven’t heard, one of our newest features is “EEM“. (Earn Extra Money). Hosts can activate this feature and upsell their guests on the most desired convenience. The ability to check in early or leave late (for a fee). This not only extends your hospitality to match your Guests’ travel schedule, but puts a little extra money in your pocket when you meet this request. (Works with Automation & GuestBook Pro)

When guests pay, it’s important to keep track of these transactions. From your mobile dashboard you can now click on the transactions tab and see who, what and when. Each transaction leads to a full payment report.

Every time your guest purchases a convenience, a log of those transactions with a receipt card, shows up on your dashboard. This makes for better accounting and ensures you’re fully aware of what’s happening at your property with your guests.

To activate EEM, simply log in to your dashboard, click on EEM and fill out the settings.

If you’re not familiar with EEM, click here to learn more.

GuestBook is the easiest way for short-term rental, vacation rental, and homesharing hosts to manage their properties, reservations and guests. For travelers, GuestBook provides access to hospitality services and peace of mind throughout their trip.