The Best Epic Fail GIFs — 15 Fails That Are So Funny It Hurts

Epic Fails are among the funniest things you can view on the internet, There’s simply no equal to someone attempting an outrageous feat only to get filmed failing in the process. Thankfully the world is full of epic fails, and using the power of GIFs we can relive other people’s embarrassment over and over and over again!

The gallery below contains some of the best fail GIFs you have ever seen —And they were all made using Guggy’s unique GIF algorithm. You might want to write down a few notes — as this could save you allot of pain:

  1. Camera Lady Fail GIF

She might be new to cameras, but she still sure knows how to take a selfie!

2. Shirt Fail GIF

Apparently there are professional football players that can’t seem to understand the complex mechanics of taking their shirts off.

3. Dog vs Stairs GIF

Poor dog, he was so close, yet so far! just one more step.

4. Dumpster Fail GIF

Could we say that’s some classic white trash? (literally).

5. Captain America Fail GIF

More like Captain Fail, Right?

6. Flexibility Fail GIF

Sometimes stretching too hard can lead to some pretty epic fails.

7. Thor Fail GIF

Thor can fail pretty hard just like the rest of us! it’s nice to know even living gods like Chris Hemsworth can mess up sometimes.

8. Model Fail GIF

You’ve probably seen many models fall on the runway before, but this one takes epic fail into a whole other level, Ouch!

9. Trampoline Fail GIF

Pretty sure that dog likes that trampoline more than he does!

10. Dog Contest Fail GIF

Just keep watching at this fella try over and over again, only to fail endlessly. Can’t help but admire the beauty of GIFs.

11. Cat Chair Fail GIF

Catch you on the flip side

12. Shovel Fail GIF

We all have that one friend… but this one’s prank failed in the hardest way possible.

13. Hockey Fail GIF

Watch where you’re going with that.

14. Nutcracker Epic Fail GIF

Here’s a pretty cheap alternative to a vasectomy.

15. Yoga Epic Fail GIF

There are many schools of thought in Yoga, this one is quite interesting.

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