Guide to Using ZenCash on

Greetings, and welcome to a user-friendly guide to using anonymous crypto payments to pay for adult gaming and porn.

As a huge fan of anime, hentai, and video games, I was thrilled to discover As a married man, I was less thrilled to enter my credit card or leave a paper trail. This guide is for the discerning man (or woman!) who wants privacy when they just want to get in on some awesome hentai gaming.

First, a quick run-down down on Even if you’re not an anime fan, it’s hard to deny the fact that anime babes are hot. So if you’ve never heard of it, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Four awesome things about Nutaku:

1.You can do browser based gaming.

2. You can download gaming apps.

3. You can do mobile gaming off of your phone.

4. The games are ACTUALLY good and fun to play.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting! The most awesome thing about Nutaku: Nutaku recently added crypto currency payment support. This means: NO MORE PAPER TRAILS! NO WEIRD CREDIT CARD CHARGES! ANONYMITY AND PRIVACY! A WIN WIN FOR EVERYONE!

So, let me take your through the step by step guide. This may seem basic to some, but let’s keep in mind that not everyone is a computer master. I have the common man (and woman!) in mind, and it’s only fair that adult gaming is available to EVERYONE, not just the technically savvy. If the idea of internet payments make you nervous, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

Step by Step Guide

Head to

Create an account by clicking the red. Free Sign Up in the top right corner.

You’ll need an email address here. If you want to go the privacy route, ProtonMail is pretty solid. Me personally, I created a second gmail account that was separate from my family account. Here’s the thing — ALWAYS USE THE INCOGNITO MODE on your browser. Otherwise, you run the risk of your dummy email account being auto-saved in your browser. Don’t use your porn email for anything else but porn. You’ve been warned!

Next, log in. You’ll see a Gold Icon in the top right, with your current balance.

Optional: If you verify your email, you earn 100 gold coins. Worth it, imo.

Click at the Gold Coin balance icon on the top right. You’ll hit the payment screen, which looks like this.

Under Select Payment Method on the top of the screen, click Crypto Currency on the far right side.

Then, select your coin purchase amount. I picked the 1,000 gold starter pack. Once you click Purchase Now, Nutaku will go to a new screen and ask you for your preferred method of crypto. Select ZenCash.

Copy the Nutaku Zen wallet address under the section called Send to Address.

Send the correct amount of Zen using your Zen wallet. The cool thing is that you will always know how much balance remaining is required to finish your payment.

Wait for payment to process.

Coins have arrived! Time to get some hardcore (in both meanings of the word) gaming in.

Final Notes: Nutaku has a vibrant community, frequent updates, awesome gameplay. Not just porn, but some really fun gaming to kill time and check out hot babes. Personal pick: Armor Blitz, which is honestly like a sexy version of final fantasy tactics combined with valkyria chronicles. I’m an RPG guy, but there’s a wide genre of games available. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Happy hunting, and enjoy yourself!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Happy Hentai Zen Master

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