Rethinking the schedule

Redesigning one of the most important features in Guidebook

Pete Lada
Pete Lada
Oct 7, 2018 · 3 min read



  • Allow the schedule to work better with really short and really long (year-round) guides
  • Unify the week schedule view with the (outdated) month calendar view
  • Adjust the UI based on the state of the guide
  • Enhance the track filtering user experience

Improving the day picker

In the new release, we’ve implemented a completely new day picker. The new picker now has three separate modes, one of which is selected automatically to best suit current guide. The three modes are:

Short picker

The short picker is used when a guide has a duration of anywhere from 1 to 4 days. This picker is simpler, cleaner, and more focused around the days you really care about as a user.

The new short day picker

Medium picker

The medium picker is essentially the same as in the previous versions of Guidebook. The picker will display up to two weeks, in a horizontally scrollable section. This is ideal for guides that are about 7–14 days in length, as it allows us to render a full week in a single view, but without any added complexity.

Long (week/month) picker

The long picker is probably the biggest change being introduced with the new schedule redesign. This picker initially renders as a week picker, with a caveat. You can drag down on the view (or use the drag handle) to expand the picker into a full-fledged month picker. This is great for guides that span longer than 2 weeks as it gives you access to the entire calendar year to quickly jump to days far in the future or past.

The new long week/month picker

Improving the filter user experience

The redesigned track filter

We have worked extremely hard to improve the experience of using the schedule feature within Guidebook. We’ve always believed that one of the core reasons anyone selects Guidebook to power their event is that we take the end user experience extremely seriously, and hopefully that comes through here. Let us know what you think!

Guidebook Design

A look into our design process

Guidebook Design

A look into our design process

Pete Lada

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Pete Lada

Designer and co-founder @ Guidebook.

Guidebook Design

A look into our design process