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Como Orchards 2044

By Bristol Baughan

Como Orchards 2044 is an imagined future for a real ranch in Montana where Frank Lloyd Wright designed a community back in 1908. This “newsletter” from the year 2044 is a dream of what could unfold over the next twenty years if we choose a more regenerative way of being on this planet based on many people’s real and imagined ideas. The real is highlighted and linked. Please join us in co-creating a more beautiful future by signing the “Guest Book” in the comments below.

TSOA / Cohere Network / Salish Elders
Sociocracy for All
Michael Smith, Regenitech
Archangel Tree Archive / Open Source Ecology / Prof. Andrew Adamatzsky
Jessica Clark
Lars Jan

Please sign our “Guest Book” from the future below with your own specific “memories” in the comments of a time you came to Como Orchards and how it impacted you. What is something that has been emerging through you between 2022–2044? Use your imagination and play!

I was invited by Analise Roland, whose family owns the property, to help co-create a modern vision of this place as a lab of regenerative living. You can read more about my actual journey here. The ranch is for sale and the vision is unfolding. Inquire within to learn more.

Thank you to the land on the bench of the Bitterroot-Selway Mountains. Thank you Roland Family and to Analise Roland for continuing to carry the vision forward. Deep thanks to Evan Ryan for his pro bono Regenerative Development Consulting, the Regenesis Institute, Professor Ayad Rahmani and his architecture students, The Guild of Future Architects, Daniel Christian-Wahl, Cultivating Connections, Juli Steele-Winthers, Jessica Clark, Ryat Yezbick, Jerry Ring, Leanne Gluck and her Alchemist Orchard, Kathryn Robinson, Cobey Williamson, and all the inhabitants (human and non-human) of the Bitterroot Valley.



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