The New Guilded

now with extra design

Today I’m excited to share details about our biggest update since officially launching a year ago: the new Guilded, which we’ve redesigned from the ground-up to incorporate the most popular feedback and feature requests you all have given us in the last year.

Before that though, we’d like to sincerely thank all of you who have used Guilded and have supported us along the way. We continue to be blown away by how engaged and eager to help the community has been from the very beginning. The new Guilded is the result of many thousands of feature requests and pieces of feedback, and being able to make those come to life for all of your teams makes this really rewarding.

Anyways, on to the gifs. We’ve got tons of new features for you — too many to list them all here — but here are some of the highlights.

Team Overview

One of the more popular pieces of feedback we’ve gotten is that the original team pages, while they had a lot of content inside them, looked mostly empty to the outside world. In addition, the “discussions” tab was confusing — is it for announcements? Is it a forum? Do I post memes here? Where do I post the memes if not here???

The new Guilded features a brand-new Team Overview tab that resolves these timeless questions. The Overview tab serves as a single entry point for all of your team’s high-level info — including announcements, events, and streams — and also serves as your team’s public persona.

Most things look a lot nicer than before, too.

We’ll be continuing to expand the overview tab with additional customization options and features over time.

Team Forums

Forums have been the single most-requested feature since launch, so we’re especially excited to finally bring modern, fully-featured forums to every Guilded team.

All Guilded teams are equipped with dedicated forums for each game in their library — with the option to add custom categories, as well. P.S. this is where you post the memes

The new forums work great on desktop and mobile, and are fully-integrated with Discord, where new threads and replies will be shared as rich embeds.

We’ve been working closely with our early testers to make sure the forums feel great and have the required features to work well for all of our teams. We hope your team loves the new forums, and we’re looking forward to making them even better based on your feedback. Let us know what you think!

Team Streams

Another popular feature request: a way to see your team’s Twitch streams. The new Guilded has an all-new Streams tab, which showcases the connected Twitch channels for your entire team, making it easy to see who’s live now. If you have a Twitch team, we’ll automatically populate your streams from your Twitch team link.

This picture-in-picture player took me a pretty long time to make, so I hope you think it’s cool.

Team Rosters

Before, being part of a team was kind of an all-or-nothing thing. If your team played multiple games, there was no way to figure out which members played which games. We’ve added the new Roster tab to solve that:

The new roster tab displays rich info for all membersof the roster, and allows you to search and sort by join date, rank, SR/rating, and more.

Each game that your team plays now has its own roster, which can be managed and expanded as its own subspace of a larger team. This makes organization easier for admins, and makes it easier for everyone to find info about the team members that play the same games as them.

Team Calendar

Your team’s calendar has been redesigned to make it easier to use and more powerful. We also made it, like, a lot prettier.

Some of the new calendar features include:

  • Color labels for events
  • A new “upcoming” view, which makes it easy to see what events are next up on your team’s schedule
  • More powerful event scheduling options and more control over repeating events
  • Better Discord integration: see a preview of the event content in a Discord embed when an event is created
  • More control over event RSVPs: event creators can now add or remove members from the RSVP list
  • Event-level permissions control: choose who has permissions to see each individual calendar item

Team Recruitment

We’ve added a ton of features to the team recruitment tab to make it easier to build great teams.

Here are some of the biggest changes to the recruitment tab:

  • Team applications now allow an assortment of question types, including multiple choice, checkboxes, and long-form responses.
  • Application comment threads are now open to applicants, who will be notified when you leave a comment, allowing your team’s officers to ask follow-up questions.
  • If you’re no longer or not currently accepting applications for new members, you can now toggle them off whenever you see fit.
  • A new invite management section, allowing you to see and deactivate existing invitations.
  • The ability to search, sort, and filter applications by a variety of fields.
  • When applying to teams, your applications are now visible on your user profile

Team Docs

The docs tab has gotten a complete revamp to make it easier to use and easier for your team to collaborate in.

New docs are automatically saved as (private) drafts, so you can work on them without losing your progress. In addition, docs can now be organized with tags, and we’ve added options to make searching/sorting docs easier, too.

Team Media

Media albums got a facelift and a bunch of new features.

The new media albums have improved video support, comment threads, and options for filtering, searching and sorting media, among other things.

Other big things

This stuff is really cool too, even if this post is about the new team features.

  • We’ve introduced the ability to follow teams — and many of your favorite pro teams are now using Guilded, making it easy to stay updated on their announcements and events. More details in our announcement post here.
  • User profiles have been revamped and have a lot of new features
  • Global and team navs have been revamped, making it a lot easier to get around the site and get back to your teams quickly


The new Guilded is available today at We’re really excited about all of the new features and improvements, and we hope you are too. We can’t wait to hear what you think.

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