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GuildFi Version 1.5 Update

We are excited to announce that GuildFi Version 1.5 is now live on!

The GuildFi Version 1.5 or GuildFi V1.5 update improves the user experience for both users of the GuildFi platform, as well as our game partners. First off, we have upgraded our existing Quest system, User Dashboard, and Game Discovery features.

On top of that, we introduced several new features, namely General Achievements, Inventory, EXP points, and the Leaderboard.

All the improvements listed will be further elaborated upon in this article.

This update serves our ultimate vision of becoming the home for all gamers of the new era by creating a platform with superior user experience for both users of the GuildFi platform and for GuildFi’s game partners.

Upgraded Features on GuildFi V1.5

Perhaps the most exciting development in V1.5 is the ability for users to connect their GuildFi account to their Steam account. This means that GuildFi will be integrating quests from Steam-based games such as DotA 2 or CSGO into the platform.

This is GuildFi’s first of many steps in providing interoperability between web2 and web3. Users of the GuildFi platform will be able to enjoy different quests and rewards for completing trivial, everyday tasks along with gaming achievements that would’ve been accomplished regardless of the rewards provided.

Also, the quest system in V1.5 now allows users to view and group the quests available by game.

We have upgraded our User Dashboard to improve the GuildFi user experience in terms of navigation and display, social media integration and progress tracking. This dashboard is the central location for players to browse and manage their profile, inventory and quests, as well as the leaderboard, achievements and challenges.

Users are able to view and track the different quests they are participating in, any upcoming quests, and quests that they have completed. Their EXP gained and EXP required to level up will also be visible on the dashboard. Lastly, users are able to sync their Discord accounts to the GuildFi platform.

The game discovery feature on the GuildFi platform now enables users to categorise and sort the different games and quests available geared to their personal preferences, and track the different quests available for each game along with a Featured game list.

The different additions to the game discovery feature ultimately make it more ergonomic for users of the GuildFi platform to pick and choose the different games based on their interests and their skill sets. This will be increasingly important as more and more games are released heading into 2023, where the Game Discovery feature will be the go-to library for every gamer looking for both opportunities to earn rewards and new games to enjoy.

New Features on GuildFi V1.5

In V1.5, the new Inventory feature will enable users to track each and any NFT earned or traded from playing GuildFi’s partner games, as well as any blue chip NFTs (top 10 NFTs by trading volume in OpenSea like BAYC or Clonex) that one may own, including Player Tickets, Lucky draws, and Whitelists.

Previously, there were no methods to track any NFTs earned from playing GuildFi’s partner games through our platform. Moving forward, GuildFi’s users will no longer need to access other platforms to view the different rewards earned, player tickets or whitelists earned.

The new Achievement system in GuildFi V1.5 will enable users to complete different milestones and achievements based on the different activities and games available. The more you play and complete, the more rewards received.

For example, a user would be rewarded with an Achievement if a user were to purchase ten items in the GuildFi marketplace or even an achievement based on in-game performances like amount of headshots in an FPS game.

At GuildFi, we believe that gamers should not only be rewarded financially for the different achievements, but also socially through platform-based status symbols or even NFTs.

GuildFi v1.5 will also have a new EXP (Experience Point) function.

The EXP function complements the existing GXP function to create a more well-rounded reward system for our users. The EXP earned for a particular account is equivalent to the cumulative GXP earned or lifetime value in the account’s existence. For example, if one were to redeem 200 GXP and then utilise the same 200 GXP points in the marketplace this would result in 0 GXP and 200 EXP. The EXP points are also native to one’s personal account, meaning that once an EXP is earned, it cannot be used nor transferred to other accounts.

Users’ accounts will also level up based on the amount of EXP points garnered in a particular account. This is also displayed in the Player Dashboard. Additionally, there is also an opportunity for users to enter the Leaderboard for a chance to win extra rewards should their account level be high enough.

Note: GuildFi Leaderboard will be live on in October 2022

The GuildFi V1.5 upgrade is our stepping stone to becoming the ultimate home for gamers of the new era, and we will continue to iterate with the mission to create the best web3 gaming platform possible.

In addition to the different features implemented in GuildFi v1.5, the GuildFi team is also actively considering different methods to improve the tokenomics of the GF token, starting from having direct value accrual between the GuildFi platform and the GF token, i.e. a growth in user activity of the GuildFi platform would result in an increase in demand (or a reduction in supply in the case of burns) for the GF token.

Lastly, GuildFi is also looking to continue to help grow the entire web3 ecosystem through the different investments and different partnerships made in the space as a whole. For more information, please follow us on Twitter, Discord, Telegram.



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