A How-To Guide to GuildFi’s Token Launch Auction (TLA)

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4 min readNov 29, 2021


GuildFi’s Token Launch Auction (TLA) is imminent and we wanted to provide you with all the information to make it as simple as possible for you to acquire the GF tokens. Below is a complete guide where we share with you the information you will need to participate in the auction: the TLA parameters, how to prepare for the auction in advance, participation steps, what to expect as well as an overview of the TLA pricing mechanism.

GuildFi’s Token Launch Auction (TLA) Parameters

As for GuildFi project’s information and tokenomic, please check out our whitepaper here

What to Prepare in Advance?

  • Wallet: Prepare an Ethereum compatible wallet such as MetaMask, Gnosis Safe, WalletConnect, or Ledger.
  • Accepted Cryptocurrencies: USDC, WETH, ETH, and DAI

Information about the gas fee to keep in mind:

  • Purchase amount: Although we don’t have a minimum threshold for the TLA participation, please consider the gas fee required to perform the transaction into your purchase decision before participating.
  • Insufficient ETH: Make sure to prepare enough ETH in your wallet as gas fees are additional to the amount of your chosen currency required to swap for GF tokens. Having insufficient ETH in your wallet when carrying out a transaction will result in the transaction failing to complete.

Participation Steps

1. To participate, navigate to launch.guildfi.com which has been created specifically for GuildFi’s TLA.

2. Here you will be required to connect a wallet that is compatible with the platform.

3. Once you have successfully connected your wallet, select the amount of GF tokens you would like to buy, and proceed with 2 steps as follow:

  • Click the “Approve” button on your screen. You will also notice a prompt to allow the Copperlaunch to spend your tokens of choice (we accept only ETH, WETH, USDC, and DAI).
  • Once you have been approved, the “Swap” button will be shown and you will be able to click “Swap”.

Note: You may click the “Settings” button to adjust your slippage tolerance if required.

4. After you have swapped, wait for the the transaction confirmation on the Ethereum blockchain. Once this is completed, you will receive your GF tokens in your wallet.

What to Expect During the TLA?

TLA Pricing Mechanism

When an individual completes a trade, the demand will cause the GF token’s price to increase. In contrast, when no trades are initiated, prices will gradually decrease with the weight increasing.

Starting at $1, the price of GF tokens will gradually decrease when no buys occur. However, if at one point, for instance, at $0.7, there are large orders that have been successfully transacted, the price of the GF token may also increase quickly. That means the price could also go above $1 and advance even higher if there are investors continuously buying.

In conclusion, an investor can freely purchase GF tokens at any price they see fit, and that is the price they get. Eventually, the price will settle at a price the market as a whole finds most suitable.

What to Expect After the TLA?

Firstly, you will have the choice to immediately trade as there is no lock-up period.

Secondly, for holders and long-term believers of the GuildFi platform, we will reward all holders with a staking program, which will be launched soon!

Lastly, as GuildFi is committed to being sufficiently decentralized and we have a vision of becoming a DAO; when the time is right and the structure is in place, GF token holders will have the opportunity to voice their opinion and vote on what they feel is best for the GuildFi ecosystem.

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