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How-To Join the GuildFi x Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds: Endless Rewards Campaign

This How-To guide will provide simple steps for you to participate in our Endless Rewards Campaign. Please follow the step by step guide below.

Things you will need to prepare to participate in the campaign:

  • Download Ni no Kuni : Cross Worlds game on your device
  • Join MARBLEX discord
  • Register as a GuildFi user

How-To Sign up with an Email to Ni no Kuni : Cross Worlds Game on Your PC

For new players, sign up with your email and the email used will be automatically linked with your Ni No Kuni Game ID.
For existing players, who already have an ID but not linked email, you can register your email on a PC. However, you would need to use a mobile phone to connect with your own account

How-To Join MARBLEX Discord to start Chatting with Spectre

How-To Register as GuildFi User To Complete the Quests

Once both the Quests have been completed, you would have been able to claim 150 GXP to be able to claim rewards by buying items on GuildFi’s Marketplace. Furthermore, you will also receive 5 Equipment Summon Tickets which will be sent to you in your Ni no Kuni’s in-game inbox on the 9th of September 2022

To claim the items on Marketplace you will need a minimum of 300 GXP in your GuildFi wallet therefore if you haven’t completed any earlier quests, you can do so on our Quest page

How-To Navigate to Marketplace to Purchase the Items

You can purchase a coupon for 20 GXP to enter the lucky draw. A total of 20 lucky draw winners will be selected and each will be rewarded with a 4 stars weapon chest from Ni no Kuni.

The lucky winners will receive the redeemable code via their GuildFi inbox by the 2nd of September 2022. This item can be purchased as many times as you like!

The next item is 5 Familiar Summon Tickets. There will be a total of 8,000 coupons that are claimable and each player will be able to claim 1 coupon. Each coupon consists of 5 Familiars Summon Tickets. Once you have claimed this item by using 300 GXP, you will receive a code in your GuildFi inbox.

Winners can redeem their code on for 4 stars weapon chest and 5 Familiar Summon Tickets.

How-To Redeem The Code

Special Reward

On top of the exclusive rewards mentioned above, 10 lucky winners will be randomly picked from the participants that have completed the quests. Lucky winners will be rewarded with MBX tokens. Each winner will receive an equal share from a prize pool of 150 MBX tokens, i.e. each winner will receive 15 MBX tokens!

Pro Tip: Ni No Kuni has also recently updated their game where users can purchase a monthly subscription package that will increase the effect of Territe energy by +200% for 30 days and increase to 900% when combined with territe aroma.

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