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In-Depth Analysis on Stella Fantasy, An Anime-Inspired Fantasy Action RPG

Key Takeaways

  • Stella Fantasy represents a refreshing take on the web3 ecosystem as it is the first Character Collection NFT Action RPG built with anime-inspired characters. Check out their teaser here.
  • Anime gaming accounts for $1 in every $5 spent on global app stores last year, indicating an audience with a high engagement rate and overall high spenders in-game.
  • The team behind Ring Games (Stella Fantasy’s studio) consists of over 60+ developers with vast experience from Vespa, Netmarble, Nexon, Krafton and many others. The co-founders of Ring Games had previously shipped a title called King’s Raid which generated over $250mil in revenue and achieved #1 in app stores ranking in several key Asian markets.
  • GuildFi participated in Ring Games’ $5mil global funding round in June 2022 and it represents one of our highest conviction bets in the anime-themed gaming sector.

Introduction to Stella Fantasy

Stella Fantasy is an anime-inspired fantasy action RPG at its core, built on Unreal Engine 4. In the world of Stella Fantasy, players can expect a fast-paced, strategic, real-time team combat gameplay while assembling unique collectable NFTs along the way.

While one may draw parallels with the hugely popular Genshin Impact, Stella Fantasy will chart its own path to bring a fantasy action RPG with a mix of Sci-Fi elements not only to the web3 gaming audience but to the global market.

Overview of Gameplay


In the context of the lore, players find themselves in an unknown forest far outside of the West Veranian Kingdom, a continent full of ancient secrets and adventures. As players venture into the overworld, they find themselves challenged by threats and foes of Reterra, a world full of mages, knights and mysterious machines. By joining hands with other adventurers, players can chart their own path to being the legendary saviours in the overworld.

The key to your path forward is to find the Abyss Rift….

Abyss Rift

Various Abyss Rifts exist throughout the continent and act as dimensional anomalies where players can explore them for great riches. If one gets lucky, players can stumble upon Unique Abyss Rifts which offer greater rewards compared to the standard Abyss Rifts.

Players can expect to find both PvE and PvP gameplay in the Abyss Rifts. The PvE gameplay revolves around ranked challenges while PvP involves direct combat. These competitive gameplays offer plenty of seasonal rewards and act as a long-term goal to offer consistent replay value for many players.

Team Tag Assault (2022 Q4)

While yet to be fully announced, Stella Fantasy has additional content to further expand the gameplay. The Team Tag Assault revolves around competitive PvE raid content where players team up and fight against single raid bosses.

At the end of this seasonal competition, each player’s score will be ranked on the global ranking board and rewards will be awarded accordingly based on the rankings.

In-Game Assets

Characters (NFTs)

Characters in Stella Fantasy represent a unique proposition to NFT holders with the ability to directly control and interact with your characters in-game. Each character has its own distinctive strengths and comes with utilities such as boosting income facilities (land) and crafting gears (NFTs)

Given that the gameplay gets more challenging as players progress throughout the game, there is a constant need for players to upgrade their characters for them to become more powerful.

Equipment (NFTs)

Each equipment comes with a core fixed innate attribute (eg: Damage speed per second) and a further 1–4 random additional attributes. The uniqueness of this randomising aspect of the additional attributes creates a form of non-fungible elements to it, which further propels economic activities in-game as players trade up for the equipment with the best stats.

Materials collected from dungeons and produced from the Private Lands can be used to craft equipment in Stella Fantasy. The quality of the resulting equipment depends further on how well-developed the support characters are during the crafting stage.

Equipment can further be sold on the marketplace or equipped for the development of your characters.

Private Land (Town)

Unlike many of the web3 gaming projects we’ve seen, the private lands for Stella Fantasy aren’t tradeable as NFTs. Instead, the utility of the private land enables players to enhance their character development through the resources which they are required to consume when venturing into the Abyss Rift overworld.

The resources such as Wood, Leather, Mineral and Manarings (in-game currency) are obtained through the town infrastructures and produced by assigning a character to production buildings.


The studio behind Stella Fantasy, Ring Games are certainly no stranger to game development. Having hailed from a team that developed the widely successful game King’s Raid, it has managed to attract over 11 million downloads worldwide. The team at Ring Games now stands at a strong 60+ core team members with tremendous experience in game development.

To shed some light on the capabilities of the core team:

  • Joohoo (CEO) has over 20 years of game development experience having led the core team that developed King’s Raid
  • SH Lee (Chief Producer) previously launched King’s Raid to the Japanese market and was the overall Team Head. Aside from that, he was previously involved in the development of the MMORPG Lineage II.
  • DH Choi (CTO) who manages the development of mobile games server and client had previously developed Eternal Clash (Bulkytree) and various other mobile games from the studio Candysoft.

Make no mistake, this is a team that had achieved success in their previous ventures with achievements such as accumulated revenue generated in excess of $200mil from their previous games and also topping the charts of Google Playstore & App Store in certain Asian markets.


Stella Fantasy has two native tokens with a host of usage in-game. The incorporation of adequate faucets and sinks for each token utilised in-game ensures a positive feedback loop to the game economy.


With an impressive speed of execution, players can expect to play the PC version in September and participate in the public token sale as well!

GuildFi Thesis

Large TAM in the Anime Gaming sector

In the latest report on The State of Anime Gaming 2022, Anime mobile games generated $17 billion in worldwide consumer spending in 2021 which equates to $1 for every $5 spent on app stores on mobile games last year. Despite the large consumer spending, the global penetration for anime mobile games was less than 3% globally.

Zooming out, this shows that while the general audience of anime games is willing to spend, the user penetration still has the potential to grow. Coupled with the fact that Stella Fantasy is adopting blockchain mechanics into its gameplay, this further opens up a new paradigm shift for anime gaming.

Aside from that, Stella Fantasy is building up its own Intellectual Property (IP), which further presents endless opportunities in terms of other partnerships such as manga, anime series and many others. There is significant potential for Stella Fantasy here to capture a wide audience to its game over the long run.

Gameplay Mechanics

Taking a deeper look into Stella Fantasy’s gameplay mechanics, a positive feedback loop is well in place which is extremely crucial when it comes to game design. Over here, players earn rewards during the gameplay either in the form of tokens or resources. However, these resources and tokens are required to further upgrade your characters along with unlocking more content throughout the game. This positive feedback loop prevents the farm & dump phenomenon that occurs in the earlier generation of P2E games.

Moreover, NFT characters in Stella Fantasy retain their growth progression even after it has been traded on the marketplace. This generally provides an alternative “earning” mechanism for time-rich players who can capitalize on selling a high-level NFT character to a time-poor whale.

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