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In-Depth Analysis of Summoners Arena, an Innovative Play-Own-Earn Idle-RPG

Key Takeaways

  • Summoners Arena takes its widely successful web2 game Summoners Era, which had over 1.7mil downloads from iOS & the App Store to the next steps by combining an idle RPG experience with blockchain features. To enable this, Summoners Arena empowers a permissionless manner for players to own and trade their heroes and introduces concepts of lands & guild wars into its gameplay.
  • Wait no further as Summoners Arena Mainnet went live on the 26th of May and had over 5,000+ players within the first 24 hours. Get started on Summoners Arena here.
  • Summoners Arena raised a total of $3mil in seed round funding back in February 2022. The list of VCs includes prominent backers such as Pantera Capital, Spartan Group and other top guilds in the industry such as GuildFi & Merit Circle. What further stood out from the list of strategic backers was an angel investment from PUBG’s developer, Chang-Han Kim (CEO of Krafton). All in all, the strong support from its strategic backers signals a vote of confidence for Summoners Arena

Introduction to Summoners Arena

While the markets are looking bleak due to macroeconomic factors, Summoners Arena has forged on and launched on Mainnet officially on the 26th of May 2022!

We often hear the sentiment that “games are counter-cyclical” and true to it, Summoners Arena had launched with 5.2k+ active users on its first 24 which is a promising feat nonetheless.

The precursor to Summoners Arena is the Summoners Era: Idle RPG Heroes which was widely successful in the traditional mobile gaming scene, achieving >1 million in downloads on Google’s Play Store & Apple’s App Store while simultaneously having a positive review of 4.2+ stars on average.

So, what is Summoners Arena?

Summoners Arena is an innovative idle RPG built on BSC and has set out to be a multi-genre game universe in which players truly own the experience that they grind to build in the world of Summonia. With the goal of empowering true ownership for the players, NFTs such as Summoners, Heroes, Items and Lands play a key element in every player’s interaction with the game. Combining a tried and tested gameplay along with immersive lore, Summoners Arena could very well serve as the bridge for more traditional gamers to be onboard into web3 gaming.

Overview of Gameplay

Before getting into the gameplay, we dive into the lore behind Summoners Arena, which begins in the world of Summonia. Created by the Goddess Agtiz, the mystical land that had fallen from grace and her 6 children, the Elder Titans are tasked with bringing harmony to Summonia and defeating the chaotic Titan of Darkness.

Campaign (PvE)

Combining this extensive mythical lore and idle RPG breed exciting gameplay that awaits players in Summoners Arena. The primary game mode involves going on campaigns where players select 5 heroes in different classes and strategic formation to fight against enemies in PvE combat.

Upgrading your heroes by levelling up, evolving and equipping them with stronger gears are the key to progression in Summoners Arena.

Dungeons (PvE)

Once players have hit the mark on becoming level 5 in-game, the keys to the dungeons mode will be opened and players unlock an exciting game mode.

In the case of the Dungeon mode, players can use both NFT and non-NFT heroes to access the dungeon and rewards for clearing the dungeon will be gold & relic fragments.

  • Gold can be used to purchase Buffs to enhance a hero’s power or Potions to restore health, and energy or revive a defeated hero.
  • Relic Fragments can be exchanged with the merchant for hero fragments, hero EXPs, & sealed scrolls.

The key difference between Dungeons mode and campaigns are:

  • Instead of 5 sets of heroes, each hero will fight each wave on their own.
  • The heroes have their level and stars fixed as they enter the dungeon.
  • Players can choose freely between the chosen heroes to complete each wave
  • The Heroes’ health and energy will be carried onto the next wave after one is completed.
  • Unfortunately, once the specific hero is defeated, it won’t be playable for the rest of the Dungeon session.

Arena & BattleGround (PvP)

The PvP game modes in Summoners Arena are not for the faint of heart as it is certainly an intense competition among the community. A win under Arena mode results in increased rank points and rewards in $ASG while a loss will lead to a de-rank. Once the season ends, the players on top of the leaderboard are rewarded with $SAE, which is the only way players can earn $SAE from the game.

In fact, this incentive structure ensures that the game is balanced and the economy is sustainable. “Earning” should always be secondary to the gameplay and deserved by those who are either the best or have played hours to get to where they are on the leaderboard.

Separately, the Battleground mode resembles the same model as the Arena game mode albeit with a few differences.

  • In the Battleground, you can choose between NFT and non-NFT Heroes to battle.
  • Heroes’ Levels won’t max out like in the Arena.
  • Winning results in earning Battleground Coin and top players get further Battleground Coin when they top the charts at the season’s end.

In-Game Assets

Heroes (NFT)

Heroes are at the forefront of the Summoners Arena game, with each requiring a total of 5 heroes for battle. While players can still enjoy the game using Sealed Heroes (non-NFT) on the F2P version, they’ll miss out on $ASG rewards in the PvP arena which are only awarded to players who own NFT Heroes.

So how does one get their hands on the NFT Heroes? Given that the Genesis NFT event & the Sealed Chest NFT Sale has ended, players are still able to obtain it on the marketplace where it is being traded.

Each hero comes with either common or mystic rarity traits with the latter being far more powerful. Aside from that, there are numerous characteristics involved for each specific hero which we’ll cover below before you start buying your NFT Heroes:

Personally, I have gone with the 3–2 lineup with a Warrior, and Assassin on the front row, whereas on the back line, I’ve included 1 Priest, 1 Mage and 1 Assasin. None of these should be taken as financial advice and we implore you to check out the community’s discord channel on strategy discussions!

Heroes (NFT) — Evolving & Upgrading

While most NFTs in previous projects go through an inflationary stage through excessive breeding mechanisms, Summoners Arena fixes this through its Evolve & Upgrade mechanics.

To unlock greater power (max power is achieved at 12 stars), players can opt to evolve their heroes which requires two key elements. A material hero & $ASG tokens. Say, for example, if you are trying to evolve a hero from 3 to 4 stars, players would need 3 of the 3-star hero of the same faction in order to facilitate the evolving process. This represents a unique 0–1 innovation in NFT burnt mechanism to be applied in the gameplay.


Item NFTs come in the form of equipment, artifact & stone for the purpose of enhancing the Heroes’ power once it is equipped. This feature has yet to be enabled as of yet.

Players can expect this feature to be enabled in Phase 3 of Summoner’s Arena roadmap (May-Sept 2022) when the Item NFT sale goes live.

Items Forging

Similar to Heroes NFT, Item Forging allows players to upgrade their items to better qualities so as to compete against one another in the PvP Arena.

$ASG and 2 material items (from the same type & level) are needed to upgrade an item.

What’s next?

Guilds & Lands

While not much information has been released in terms of Guilds & Land’s addition to the gameplay, it represents a 0–1 innovation that Summoners Arena was able to create by adopting web3’s gaming features.

For now, we can expect Guild Wars (PvP), Guild Raids (PvE) and a Guild Shop that fosters the ability to play co-op with your favourite players.


The team behind Summoners Arena holds significant expertise in blockchain development and over 10 years of experience in the traditional gaming industry. The combination of these team dynamics creates the perfect fit for a well-rounded gaming experience that attracts native web3 players and traditional gamers.

Individual’s Background

Hung Tran — Founder

  • Founder of OneSoft and Onechain and CEO of ABI Studio.

CEO — Harris Hieu Bui

  • 5-year experience in Game Publishing & Business Development.

CTO — Manh Cuong Nguyen

  • 10-year experience in Software Engineering and Game Development.

CMO — Zoe Hoang

  • Marketing Ops at Origin Protocol | 4-year experience in Crypto Marketing.

Product Manager — Long Nguyen

  • First Runner-up at RMIT Blockchain Competition 2021

Game Designer — Hai Bang Le

  • Game Operation Manager and Lead Game Designer at Zitga Studio.

Lead Artist — Tuan Anh Trinh

  • Lead Artist at Zitga Studio | 5-year experience as Lead Artist.

Lead Engineer — Tuan Do

  • Lead Engineer at Zitga Studio | 5 years experience in Game Development

Game Development Lead — Duc Viet Bui

  • Project Manager at Zitga Studio | 6-year experience in Game Development

Systems Architect — Dinh Tho Hoang

  • 15 years of experience in IT | Expert in System Security



In early February, Summoners Arena raised $3 million in seed funding from top-tiered VCs such as Pantera, Coinbase Ventures, and Spartan as well as notable web3 gaming guilds such as GuildFi & Merit Circle.

To top it off, Summoners Arena had even secured an angel investment from PUBG’s developer, Chang-Han Kim (CEO of Krafton). With such a strong support network and strategic partners, the outlook for Summoners Arena stands bright.

GuildFi Thesis

What sets Summoners Arena apart is that it is developed from a well-established game that had proven successful for its core game loops, graphics and overall gameplay. Thus, it is without a doubt that Summoners Arena had already succeeded in building a “fun-first” gaming experience.

By incorporating a blockchain experience into its game, Summoners Arena elevates the experience in two ways:

  • Players are now actual owners of their NFTs and this incentivises players’ motivation to engage, upgrade and compete to obtain the strongest Hero NFTs with the highest quality items. If one ever changes his mind or plans to move on to a different game, players are able to finally sell the NFT and hopefully profit out of it to compensate for their time spent in-game.
  • Opens up dimensions of gameplays which weren’t possible in their previous web2 version. Guild gameplays for example were enabled and further being empowered due to the community-oriented behaviours fostered within web3. Players often joined guilds or formulate guilds within the community and this allows gaming companies to enable a co-op game mode that focuses on player interdependence. This key feature has further proven to be successful in enhancing the lifecycle of a game due to players’ commitment to their guild and the social aspect behind playing for “a greater good”. We are excited for Summoners Arena guild gameplay that will be launched in Q3 2022!

Moreover, the economic design behind Summoners Arena has taken the right philosophy and prevents historical challenges we’ve encountered in GameFi 1.0 where players often farm and dump tokens to seek profits. In Summoners Arena, there are plenty of sinks that manage the economic inflation of $SAE & $ASG given that the use cases are highly relevant to the continuity of the game. Earnings are purely a “secondary factor” where tokens are only awarded when players win the PvP Arena (based on skills) and stay at the top of the PvP leaderboard (based on commitment & skills).

So, will you be part of the PvP Leaderboard in Summoners Arena?



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