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A hairdressers for introverts

An update from Guineapig

I hate going to the hairdressers

Small talk, harsh lighting, mirrors everywhere. I can’t stand how you’re in view of everyone both inside and outside the shop. I understand a hairdresser wants to display their work but as a customer it makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable. I think it’s because I’m an introvert. I put off going to the hairdressers, and wind up with long curly locks for weeks as I procrastinate my visit. I know that the inevitable appointment will be pretty painful.

Hairdressers are just another extrovert-friendly space that could be re-imagined for introverts. Nightclubs, networking events, workspaces and hairdressers are all clearly not currently catering for the forgotten 50%.

Let’s re-think the salon experience

What would it be like to walk into a space where people already knew you? A place where there was no need for you to explain what you do for a living, where you’ve been on holiday, or whether you’ve had a busy day so far? What would it be like to go somewhere for an hour, have an enriching and re-energising experience that’s been tailored for you, and walk out with a nice new haircut to boot? What if going to the hairdressers was less about the hair and the chitchat and more about an hours permission to be quiet & learn something new?

A Guineapig alternative

At Guineapig, we are re-imagining the hairdressing experience and will be testing it out with a pop-up salon in The Hutch. We plan on personalising the guest experience in true Guineapig style. Mirrors will be replaced by living sculptures, those harsh lights will turn soft, and small talk will make way for meaningful conversation. Not only will you get a top notch hair cut, you’ll leave feeling re-energised, nourished and maybe even enlightened.

Book your appointment here

We’re now accepting expressions of interest for Saturday 8th April 2017. For more information, our prices and a booking form please sign up here.

Our local Brighton based hairdresser looks forward to seeing you then!



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