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A nightclub for introverts

An update from Guineapig

At Guineapig we have a big exciting vision. It’s a vision that resembles the way you feel when you’re with someone who is calm, content, and complete in their own skin. Let’s call him Jeremy. You know him; he’s the person who seems so grounded and teaming with wisdom. His eyes glint with stories of the past and trust and hope for the future. He’s like a tree with deep roots and reaching branches. He’s always growing. Jeremy just being Jeremy grants you permission to be calm, content and complete in your own skin. He opens your mind, he makes you feel calm and safe and un-judged.

A place to embrace your weird self

At Guineapig we believe these ‘Jeremy’ moments should be more available to us. And we are going to make that happen by building an extraordinary destination; a Nightclub for Introverts. It will be a place that encourages that authentic, real, wondrous, open minded non-judgement that our friend Jeremy inspires.

It will be a place where people come to just be themselves. It will be a place where people’s concepts of what’s normal in the world will be challenged. It will be a place of childlike wonder, where hearts are lifted. It will be a place where people are encouraged to settle deeper into their skin, in all its weirdness and glory.

A place of childlike wonder

Inspired by our previous creations The Nightclub for Introverts will have inventions that serve your food and drink in ways that delight. You’ll be able to literally sleep under the stars in individual glass ‘pods’ and the nightclub will be surrounded by a moat and to cross you have the part the water — Moses style.

The Nightclub for Introverts will move people. It will open people up. It will connect people to themselves and to each other. It will be a place of game changing ideas. It will be a place of truth.



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