Napalm Girl Being Carried Away, By Us

Banksy Effect

Banksy is a subversive graffiti artist of unknown identity. His guerrilla style of stenciling on walls across troubled cities of the world and contempt for capitalism make him and his art an enigma. In his 2004 work, ’Napalm’ Banksy reimagines a photo that horrified the world: a Vietnamese village girl escaping from Napalm bombing in 1972.

The collective psyche that forgets easily is stirred again by this powerful visual of the new avatar of war: greedy, apathetic and slick. Held firmly by two obese icons of corporate success, Mickey Mouse and Roland MacDonald, the girl is paraded out — once more. Is she being rescued, shamed or abused all over again? Children like her in Iraq, Yemen and Syria can never see a pediatrician but the abundance of ‘arms’ industry everyday.

Media and fast food are reveling the senses of children all over the world. Banksy’s screen print on paper is an advertisement for the conscience to look beyond.