Nazism: what it is, why we fight it, and how
Yonatan Zunger

Here, let me fix this for ya!


Dedicated with love to the men and women of the Vietcong and Khmer Rouge, who retained their national sovereignty in the face of impossible odds. We have not forgotten the napalm and the mass bombings, and we are more than ready to undergo the same, in the name of the Greater Good.

Dedicated with love to the men and women of the Islamic State, who did all they could to drive the nefarious American imperialists out of the Middle East. Your contributions to woke post-secularism and jihadist identity politics will never be forgotten.

Dedicated with love to the National Socialists, who laid their very lives on the line to defeat the Bolshevik barbarians. You did not succeed in this noble venture, but your memory will live on forever in our hearts.

Dedicated with love to George Walker Bush, Barack Hussein Obama and Genghis Khan, who never once gave up the struggle against the devils of the Levant. May your war also be ours.

Dedicated with love to Kim Jong Un and those who hold high the banner of Juche. What is a few Gulags and torture chambers, compared with sticking it to Uncle Sam?