Dripping into Chocolate

Note: I am not committing that the events and the experiences will be true. Hope you like the story.

In my office there use to be a girl called Lana, she was a very beautiful girl and with very attractive stats. We were in different departments and usually met when ever I came to her floor. When ever I would pass by she will greet me and we use to chat an various topics and she use to share the latest office gossip with me.

The only problem I had with her was that she did not like my friends and specifically one girl whom I liked very much or shall I say I had a big crush. After some days I realized that Lana had become possessive about me. She not only warned me against my friends but also when I went to their desk she would cut my way and talk on something which I may not be interested in.

After some days she started coming to my desk and asked me to go with her for lunch, shopping or rides. Initially I obliged as she was also a good friend and we had many common friends in office. But it did not stop at that, her advances became more aggressive to me. Now she is a very beautiful lady and from what I had heard about her was that when she liked some one she went for the kill and the guy had no choice.

But office gossip aside, I never thought anything wrong about Lana other than a friend. And the flirting continued for few more months. Once it so happened that few of our friends and Lana we all went out for a short trip and it drizzled and we all got wet and by the time we came it was too late and Lana said if she can stay with me for the night. Being a bachelor it was not a problem for me and I had also hosted few other girls in my home for night outs and watching movies so I welcomed her.

She was exhausted and she said she wanted to freshen up, I offered my guest room and even asked her to rest for some time. Now I sat on my couch and started watching a movie. I was watching Titanic, and it was a hot night and though the balcony and the windows were open, I can feel myself sweating. After some time Lana came from her room, though I was engrossed in one of the romantic scene, my heart beat skipped for a moment. Lana’s wavy hear was open, she was wearing one of my T-Shirts and below she was wearing one of my shots. I was shocked, she looked smoking hot. From the wetness of her hair and the freshness of her face it seemed she had taken a bath.

I tried focusing back to the movie but from the sides of my eye I can see her coming and sitting besides me on the couch and picking one of the pillows. She made herself comfortable and kept both of her shapely legs on the tea table. Though my heart was forcing me to look at the TV but my mind made my eyes to look at here bare legs. The dew of moisture from the bath was still fresh on her thighs and feet. Though I was pretending to look at the TV, but from the sides of my eye I was checking the closing gap between us as she tilted towards me while watching the movie. Her wet hair started caressing my shoulders. Now I got a jolt, I looked at her, she was still watching at the TV but she was practically leaning on me. Even I can smell her fresh perfume with fragrance of lavender. And I did not know what to do next.

Now I have a very bad habit, when I am excited or stressed, I feel hungry. And even in this situation, more than my heart my stomach responded and out of no where I blurted out “Are you hungry”. Lana turned to my side, she looked ravishing. I could have easily got lost in her eyes but she responded “Yeah I am very hungry, but I need something sweet”. It took me sometime to process her words as I was too much engrossed in looking at her. But then I realized, I do not have any sweets in my house, and then I remembered of some chocolates that we got from the trip. I said “I do not have any sweets but there are some chocolates that we bought today, if you want I can bring them and you can eat”. She said “Why are you getting up, let me get the chocolates and something for you to eat” and she went into the kitchen. I watched her beautiful back as she went to the kitchen and waited but then an interesting scene in the movie came and I started watching it. She came back after sometime with a bowl of chips and the chocolates. I took the chips and started munching. She sat besides me and as she sat said “Hey the chocolates seem soggy, I think they were kept outside”. I said “Shall I keep them in the freezer to get hard, then you can eat them”. To this she gave a very devilish smile, and said “I like soft things, and like making them hard”. I did not get the meaning at first but gave a sheepish smile and started watching the TV. After some time I heard some sounds that seemed to be like moans, now I was again alert, her body was brushing against me, Jack was making the naked painting of Rose in the TV, the hot weather was becoming more hot and I was afraid to look to my side. And I did not know what to do, I slowly stopping my breath turned my head to her side and saw that she had opened the wrapper of the chocolate and she was completely devouring the soggy chocolate which was dripping on her lips, cheeks and few of drops also fell onto her cleavage. That is when my focus went to her revealing cleavage and bare bosom and I got an instant hard-on. She looked at me innocently, she said “It was soggy but was so delicious that I can not let it go, and chocolate make me loose my control”. I saw her from head to toe, she smiled and said “See how the chocolate has dripped every where, even on my chest, would you like to taste it”.

I was still, those last words resounded onto me like a recording but my body refused to respond. My body wanted to respond but heart was confused. I have just come out of a relationship and pursuing another relationship seriously. I was not one of those who would like to take advantage of another girl even if it was offered in a plate. My heart stopped me, though there was a eagerness in me my heart held me back, I settled down, all this while she was looking at me with the same naughty smile, revealing her ample bosom and with expectation in her eyes. I did not know what to say, the silence was uncomfortable, that is when I heard commotion in the TV. And that’s when I came to my senses and said “ I am sorry I did not get you, if you have the chocolate on you dress I suggest you to clean it with water as its my shirt and will be hard to clean chocolate stains afterwards”. Even for a moment I was also taken aback by the harshness in my words, and even she was surprised, suddenly her demeanor changed, she sat upright. She sat like that looking at me blankly for some time, then got up and started going towards the washroom and retorted “I will wash the t-shirt and will change back to my dress i guess they would be dry by now”.

My heart sank, suddenly I felt bad for my behavior and for the way I spoke to her, I also somewhere cursing myself to have lost such a great opportunity but I had no way to express it, with so many conflicting thoughts I just kept watching the scenes passing by meaningless to me. As the Titanic broke into half, Lana emerged from the room in her dress and came to me, she said she had to go as her parents had called. I stood up, looked apologetically and asked if I can drop her to her house. She was in two minds, she said she can go in a taxi, but I insisted to which she reluctantly agreed.

Outside though the night was hot but cool breeze was flowing, I was just driving looking straight at the road, she did not look at me, she looked at the other side. Somewhere we both were feeling bad about the opportunity that we lost. But we both were not ready to face each other. As I dropped her near her apartment, she got down and said a customary thanks and went inside the gate. I waited as she went inside and somewhere I felt that I had missed a great chance in dripping into chocolate.