Sex => Guilt =>Marriage

Note: I am not committing that the events and the experiences will be true. Hope you like the story.

The above title is a very common background for many marriages that happen in India. Men in India are of many categories but you will find many who are very proud about their virginity and are only one woman man. And when it breaks unexpectedly either they transform to a playboy or become the victim of self imposed guilt complex. And this story story that I am telling is somehow is based on this background and the guilt complex which men or even women face.

The first time

It was a flight from Delhi to Chennai, Sanish who was returning from his home town, reached the airport early . As the flight was scheduled in midnight so he went to a Cafe at the Airport. At the counter while he was waiting for his turn to order, he overheard the conversation of the attendant who was at the counter and the lady before him. He overheard that the lady had forgot her wallet in her check-in baggage and did not have the money to pay for the coffee. To which Sanish offered to pay, though the lady declined but Sanish persisted and paid, the lady thanked and left with the coffee. After that Sanish placed his order and went back to the lounge and sat there waiting for flight.

It so happened that the same lady from the Cafe sat near to Sanish and yet she seemed to ignore him. It seemed odd but he did not think much about it. Later they boarded the same flight and as Sanish was settling down in his seat, the lady also came to the same row and had sat in the window seat next to him. Initially during the flight both did not talk, they both ignored each other as strangers. Then the flight attendant came with the dinner and while serving the dinner to Sanish, she spilled some food onto him. The flight attendant apologized and provided Sanish with hand towel to clean the spillover and while Sanish very upset and worried, the girl from the Cafe, approached towards Sanish with a handkerchief and cleaned the spillover. The funny part was that even then she did not talk, though Sanish thanked her, she only gave a smile.

Sanish was intrigued and not sure what to say, after some time he himself started the conversation by giving back the handkerchief that the lady gave. He said, “Thank you for your help, the shirt I wear was a gift and I was not sure how to clean, thanks to you, the stains are gone. By the way, my name is Sanish”, to which the lady smiled and replied introducing herself as Rekha. They started talking and as they talked further they realized that they belong to the same city and also belong to same company. Sanish had just recently joined but Rekha had worked there for last 3 years, while their departments were different, Rekha was senior to him. They talked on lot of topics and found that they had common interests and on many topics shared similar views. Sanish was very happy to finally find someone from his native in the unknown city.

The Sex

After the flight landed, they exchanged pleasantries and went to their homes. Next few days passed with Sanish being busy with work and thinking about Rekha in his free time. Finally one day he got some courage and found Rekha’s id in office communicator and pinged her. Now after pinging he waited,he waited and waited. For 3 days there was no reply. By this time he had summarized that the girl was not interested in him. But then on the 4th day he got a ping back asking what was he doing that evening, to which Sanish said he was free. Both made dinner plans and in the evening met at a restaurant. Again they talked on lot of things and finally Rekha revealed that she was going through a bitter breakup and that is why she was so cold to him when they met in the flight. And took 4 days to respond to her message. When Sanish asked why she finally decided to meet him, she told that finally she felt she was out of the breakup phase and was wishing to meet him.

This bought them closer, after dinner they went to a pub, had lot of drinks and finally when Sanish dropped Rekha at her house, she offered if he would come up. First Sanish was little hesitant but when she said that she was alone and needed some company for the night to relax after the breakup, Sanish accompanied Rekha to her room. They had few more glasses of wine, some more talk, both were deep in the the passion of love. When Rekha looked in Sanish eyes, he could not take away his gaze from the beauty and the want that was in Rekha’s eyes. They both came near, hugged, then they had a passionate kiss and one thing led to another and they ended up having sex, the sex was urgent, full of vigor, this was first time for Sanish and he was having a great time they went on and on till the morning when fully exhausted they dozed off.

The Guilt

Early in the morning when Sanish got up, Rekha was still sleeping, his head was heavy and when he recollected the night, he was filled with guilt and remorse and fear. He silently collected his clothes, got dressed and escaped out of the door. The rest of the day he was filled with deep guilt and fear of his mistake. He felt to have committed a moral sin, he deleted Rekha’s number and also blocked her. He locked himself in his room for next two days and called in sick at the office. He even did not take calls from his home or anyone. His guilt was killing him and he did not know what to do. Sex for him was only after marriage and anytime before marriage was the greatest sin. He also feared what will happen if Rekha complained in the office, he would end loosing his job and even worse may end up in Jail. All of these made him to think to take the drastic step.

After two days he came to office and tendered his resignation and gave his ill health as the reason for resignation. Now he had three months of notice to serve. He stopped taking calls from Rekha and even did not take any messages from her. She tried few times but after that she even stopped. Things were in a stalemate for next few days. In the mean time Rekha’s appraisal results came and she was promoted and after a month she headed the same Department to which Sanish belonged. Sanish had two months more to serve his notice. Though Rekha now headed the team but she rarely came to the bay where Sanish worked and even Sanish was unaware about her promotion. He was still in guilt and fear and was counting his days.

One day the HR of the company came to Rekha and said that Sanish had resigned and as the head of the department she wanted Rekha to check with Sanish the reason of his resignation. To this both the HR and Rekha went to Sanish’s desk. Now Sanish had lost all his vigor, he had grown thin, his eyes had dark circles because of prolonged sleeplessness. When he saw Rekha approaching with the HR, he became pale, and when Rekha started talking he could not even hear what the words were. Finally he was asked to follow the HR and Rekha to a meeting room. he followed expecting the worse even termination. As he entered, he was asked to sit, and the HR started by telling her that they were aware that Sanish had put his papers and that he had 2 more months to serve. Now Sanish was alert, he was waiting for the bombshell where they terminate him for his unethical conduct. But when the HR said that they considered him a very valuable resource and that they wanted him to stay, he was flummoxed. The HR also introduced Rekha as their new Department head, he was even more confused.

Then Rekha asked in a very matter-of-fact manner asked as to why Sanish was leaving the company, to which Sanish had no answer, this was the first time in over a month that some one was asking this question, he was dumbstruck at the chain of events. Finally when Rekha and the HR asked him the same question for the 2nd time, he came out of his trance and blurted out that he was not feeling well and was home sick. To that the HR told that he can take a leave or a sabbatical and join back later. To this Sanish had no answer, the HR even offered if he was ok then they will transfer him to their branch office in his native city. Now he had no choice to find any other reason. He said he needed time, to which the HR told him that they were re-group after a week.

The marriage

Now Sanish had no choice what to say, in the mean time his family started pushing him to marry, they started sending him marriage proposals. It was the last of his worries, he had not told in his home that he has resigned. Every day he was getting calls from his home to see a girl, he was also stressed with the events in office, now he saw more of Rekha in his bay and had no way to escape her. Their gazes met, she had only questions in her eyes and he had shame and he usually hid his face into the monitor. At the end of the week the HR and Rekha again met Sanish, this time was out of luck and he had no other reason to cook. He said that he was ok with transfer to his native city. To this Rekha can’t hold herself back, she asked what was wrong in him joining back here if he is given a long leave on health grounds and they also can work on a hike. Even HR nodded in agreement, Sanish was finally cornered he had no other choice, he took back the resignation and did not know how to face to Rekha who was his boss.

That night when her parents called again for marriage proposals, Sanish finally said that he had a girl in mind, first her family was surprised but then when he said he liked the girl, they agreed to see her. Now though the future onslaught of marriage proposals stopped, but he still had the problem of convincing Rekha whom he liked from the first day they met. He restored back her number, messaged her and when she did not reply he called her. Finally after many missed calls and many apologies later, Rekha agreed to meet Sanish. Again they met at the same restaurant, Sanish was in his best attire with a bouquet of Red roses in his hand. When Rekha came she also looked ravishing, first Rekha was silent but when Sanish smiled and showed the red roses, even Rekha can’t hold her smile. For the first time they did hold their hands. And finally during the dinner the ice broke, and things became normal.

After few more dates, gifts, red roses and sex sessions and multiple proposals later, Sanish was finally able to convince Rekha to marry him. And finally after 6 months of courtship they tied the marriage knot.


All of this I heard from Rekha who was my co-passenger from a similar mid-night fight and she happily showed her ring with 4 years of marriage where she not only was Sanish’s boss in home but also in office.

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