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3 min readMay 7, 2024


Introducing the Gulp Developer Survey

Take the survey before May 31st

Keep it Simple 🤝

Gulp has come a long way since its humble beginnings a decade ago. In that time, gulp has remained dedicated to simplicity despite the competition for “one tool to build them all.” The gulp team has a clear mission, and they want to do it well. The v5 release ushers in a new phase of gulp development, and to that end, they’ve decided to work with me to seek feedback from the gulp community. Many tech communities for tools, frameworks, and beyond host a “State of” survey regularly, and gulp is now joining the fray.

Who Am I? 🙋🏽‍♀️

Hi, I’m Claire! I recently started working with the gulp team to guide them through creating, deploying, and analyzing their developer survey. I have a background in academia as well as non-profit education and leadership. I am excited to be applying my research skills to the needs of the gulp team as I enter the open source realm.

The Survey ✍️

We invite you to help us explore the needs of the gulp community above and beyond the issues on GitHub by completing the Gulp Developer Survey before May 31st. Your responses to the survey will provide the gulp team with valuable insights in future directions, features, and long-term sustainability.

Quick Facts

✨ The Gulp Developer Survey is available on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

✨ The survey is anonymous.

✨ It takes the average participant ~15 minutes to complete the survey.

✨ We’re inviting responses from everyone: current users, previous users, professional users, new or interested users, and all folks in between.

✨ Most questions are multiple choice; however, there are a few open ended questions and we invite you to use those to share your ideas with the team.

✨ There is only one required question, so all other questions are optional.

✨ This year’s survey is only available in English, but we’ve included a question to understand what other languages our global community needs for the future.

Opt-In (or don’t 👍)

At the end of the survey, you will be redirected to a page to collect an email address if you are interested in any follow-up participation. This is completely optional and is not connected to the survey to keep your responses anonymous. It is a space to opt-in to contact if we decide to host more personal feedback sessions such as focus groups or interviews. Numbers only get us so far and we recognize how tedious open ended questions can get, which is why we limited them. Regardless, we totally understand if you don’t want your email on another list.

Final Words 🗺️

The last day to complete the Gulp Developer Survey is May 31st. We encourage you to share it out to your communities however you please. In the spirit of open source, we really can’t do this without you! So whether you use the new version, an old version, or have moved away from gulp entirely, we hope you’ll take the time to contribute to the project’s future direction. Once the results are collected and analyzed, we’ll share them out with everyone here on the blog. We are excited for the ideas your feedback will bring, and we look forward to going on this adventure with you.