Getting going with Shopping ads on Adwords

google shopping ads 101

Shopping ads allow users to be better informed about the product before shoppers click on an ad giving them all the information they need at a glance.

Following are the information that might be useful to show potential customers-

  • Product description
  • Price of the Product
  • Image of the Product

Shopping ads appear on the following places

  • Within the “shopping” section under the search box
  • Within the “images” section under the search box
  • On partner sites like YouTube
  • In the “Shopping results” box to the right of Google Search results
sample of shopping adds on google

What are the benefits of Shopping ads?

  • More qualified leads click your ad- Shopping ads show shoppers exactly what you have for sale even before the reach your site which increases the chance of them of making a purchase thus increasing your ROI. When shoppers click on your ad they already have a glance about your product: the description, cost and how it looks.
  • Ads are cost per click- With shopping ads, you are charged only if someone clicks on your ad and land on your website.
  • Ads are displayed on Google and around the web- Shopping ads shows across the web where your potential customer can see what you are selling and this increases your sale.
  • You can identify insights and growth opportunities through performance data- You can see how your ads are performing at any point of time. You can also use bench-marking data to get insights into your competitive landscape and identify growth opportunities with impression share data and bid Simulator tool.

How do shopping campaigns work?

  • Shopping ads works somewhat similar to Search ads like both involves bid strategy and relevance of keywords. But the difference between them is that shopping ads use product data from the merchant store to determine relevance and search campaign use keywords.
    What is Merchant Store? 
    It is where you can upload and store the product data with feeds that contains all the information about the products that you want to sell.
  • When you bid for shopping campaigns, the bid is analyze using merchant Center information.
  • If it is a winning bid your ad is shown with your product in a way that matches the search query.
  • And you get your products showcased in front of customers searching online.

Looking to get your first shopping ads on google? check the following video

creating shopping campaign with google adwords

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