Graphic Design pre-tech era

The history of Design has its root back in the stone age. The carving in the caves being evidence of it. Let us see how was designing before the age of computers.

Designing was not easy pre-tech era

While Graphic Designing these days is so easy and everything is digital, it was not so in the earlier times or before the age of computer and technology to be precise. Even though desktop publishing and digital graphic design became available in the mid80’s, not everyone suddenly made the switch. 
We know that the rise of computer and technology has a great impact on graphic designing making things easier and simpler. 
But before the tech-friendly era, designing was not this easy. Need not to say a lot of labour went to creating a graphic design in the past. They had to take accurate measurements down to the millimetres. Everything was done manually. For creating designs all they had was just some sheets of paper and pencils. Making changes to the design was far from easy or simple.

Today even the youngest Snapchat user can add letters and words of all different shapes and size to their snap. But this was not the case in typesetting in the days before computers.

The designers would discuss for long about the font and type that would be perfect for the logo, cause once made it was a difficult task to re-make it or make any changes to it.

Photos and images needed to be cut with X-acto knife and designers had to be surgical with their skills to make sure it was cut correctly. 
 There was no option to cut and paste. Even the slightest mistake would cost hours time to correct it or so.

Changing font was not done through just a click, if they had to check different designs they would actually have to print the type and paste on the design to see how it looked which was not an easy task. If there were any doubts they would rethink before moving ahead.

When changes had to be made.
Technology has definitely made things easier. Everything is one click away. There is no dearth of software that can make software designs a piece of cake. Also, it is important to have a proper design for your business be it your logo, Website, or any other thing.
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