Benefits of Shopify for e commerce startups

The online shopping commerce market has drastically impacted stores that do not produce on the online shopping market. Small businesses have even had to close their doors because of the way e-commerce has taken over the way we shop. Many consumers have switched to purchasing their wants and needs online because it is easier, and much more direct than physically going to the store. Anything can be ordered online within a few clicks of a button.

Quick and Easy

Shopify offers an easy way to quickly launch an online store. User don’t need any technical expertise before launching their store with shopify. Shopify itself takes care of the technical needs and website configuration. If you have a product to sell and you know the business know- how you can anytime go for Shopify eCommerce website.


Shopify is the most affordable eCommerce website with minimum monthly cost you get everything you need for a good and reliable eCommerce website.

No hosting issues

Shopify saves your time by not having a prerequisite of Website hosting or any software installation. Shopify takes care of the common website issues such as a gateway, management, payment and hosting. All these help save you money and time that you can use to invest in more stock and time that you can use to focus on your business.

Essential Marketing tools

Shopify provides you SEO features and advances eCommerce analytics that tell you how your customer are finding you online. If you see most of your visitor found your site by searching something specific for example ‘khadi clothes’ so you can start a blog about that topic and see how it works. Apart from SEO tools shopify also provides marketing tools like Discount coupons, custom gift cards, social network integration, email marketing and store statistics.

Website Analytics

Customizable themes

Shopify gives you the freedom to choose from templates and themes. You can even customize your theme in ways which suits your product. A visually appealing store drives more visitors.

Shopify Free themes

Secure and Reliable

Shopify handles security compliance, security upgrades and hacker protection. Shopify will also take care of server maintenance and upgrades to keep your store and shopping cart available all times and ensure that pages load quickly.

Advanced Search and Filtering

You can easily set up all of the necessary variants for your product and allow your customer search for only the ones they are interested in. This makes it easier for your visitor to navigate through your website and search the products.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Mostly when a visitor visits your store places a product in their shopping cart but leaves without buying it. Shopify provides abandoned Cart Recovery Service which automatically tracks and sends an email to these potential customer to remind them to complete their purchase.

Own payment Gateway

Shopify has integrated with many payment gateways but also offers its own which is powered by Stripe. Using Shopify’s payment gateway gives you benefits like no transaction cost, lower credit card fees and it doesn’t require a merchant account.

Customer Support

Shopify are big on Customer Support. They are available all time of the day. Their response is instant. You can get in touch via email, phone, or web chat. Also, there are a number of community forum and documentation in the Shopify Help Center.

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