Using Gult’s Campaign URL Generator Tool

Quick little demo/explanation on gult’s tool — how to track your campaigns using url queries.

Usually Google Analytics tries to figure out where the link was clicked and it adds up the source (for example, if a link get’s clicked on facebook, it automatically adds up facbeook’s name as the trafic sources)

(Tool link —

However the real Game Changer is when you add up these queries yourself and spread it across on your channels and track. The queries in URL contains information about campaign name, source, medium and the content of the campaign. It is generally time consuming to build such structured query here’s an example link~ campaign url generator&utm_medium=article&utm_source=medium&utm_content=link

breaking it down we have

link —

but the other url query detail after ? —

query — ?utm_campaign=gult campaign url generator&utm_medium=article&utm_source=medium&utm_content=link

is added up to make sure we get details about campaign url, medium, and source and the type of content.


But with Gult Design’s Campaign Generator tool you can add up these information with ease. here’s how to use it ~

  • Enter URL ~
  • Enter related information such as campaign name, source, medium, type of content

#3 — Result

Once you are done with the url, make it short by using url shortening services such as

here’s the tool link —

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