What makes GumGum the Best Place to Work?

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Having been recognized by BuiltinLA as #7 LA Best Places to Work, along with Best Midsize Companies to Work For, Best Paying Companies & Companies with the Best Benefits, we wanted to hear from our GumGummers on why they think we climbed the list — and what makes GumGum a special place to work!

Hailey Denenberg (Chief of Staff to our CEO) leads a Macaron making class

“One of my favorite reasons why I love working at GumGum is that GumGum goes above and beyond to make its employees feel valued and connected (especially virtually within the past year). Whether it’s a quick midday meditation session for some quick stress relief, a chocolate making class with GumGum leaders, or just some flowers to say thank you for your contributions — I never feel like I’m just another number to generate revenue within a company, but a real, valued human-being and employee.”

Valerie Tarangelo, Senior Manager, Global Marketing Operations

The Women of GumGum ERG enjoys a night of pom-pom making
Women of GumGum Japan gives back during the Holidays

“I feel people at GumGum truly make it the best place to work. I love how everyone makes an effort to build an enjoyable work environment and always support each other. I absolutely love Leadership Bites, Donut coffee walks and literary ladies.

My favorite GumGum experience is to go on virtual coffee walks with Phil, our CEO and get to know each other as individuals and share our life experiences.

Being 100% virtual was a big change that we went through early 2020. GumGum did a fantastic job to keep us all connected with lots of virtual zoom calls. We have managers doing check in calls, Phil sharing business updates weekly and colleagues giving shoutouts to each other are great ways to show empathy and compassion towards each other. Events like Health and fitness programs, chess tournaments, trivia night, happy hours help us stay connected with people at work. Small things like Slack challenges bring in the element of fun and energy where we get to share childhood memories, coffee rituals. I know people love these because of the huge participation and involvement. I would give due credit to our People Ops team for taking such good care of us.”

Ruchi Singh, BI Developer I

Our CTO, Ken Weiner leads a Coffee Roasting Class

“The reason I’ve stayed at GumGum for 5+ years is simple. Here I feel like my voice is heard. Even before I moved up in the company, I felt like I was able to make real change to benefit myself, my team, and the company as a whole. I can and have setup meetings with the executives and truly feel they care about what I say. GumGum continues to be my favorite place to work because I get to make a difference every single day.”

Uday Pandya, Manager, AdOps

Our VP of People Ops, Kelly, partnered with Airbnb to host a chocolate making class

“GumGum doesn’t only cater to one facet of life, we make a conscious effort to offer a wide variety of events, programs, and committees that help fit the needs and wants across the entire organization. Looking to help build the GumGum culture, trying to find book worms like yourself, need to relax with a cocktail and discuss the ending of The Queen’s Gambit, or just trying to learn how often you should water your monstera plant? GumGum’s got you.”

— Kara Petrocelli, Director of Programmatic

GumGummers take a virtual boxing class

“The management and culture at GumGum are the best I have worked with in my 37 year career. Managers listen to you and value your input and actually care about the employees. The team is always there to help each other feel valued and respected”

— Tim Calton, Accounts Payable Specialist

Adam Schenkel, SVP of Commercial Development hosts a virtual Leadership Bites

“What makes GumGum the best place to work at is that GumGum always looks for ways to help and take care of their employees. From all the amazing and fun virtual events we’ve had this past year to help us stay in touch but also how they look to improve our benefits.”

Jessica Trujillo, Senior Coordinator, Talent Acquisition

The UK team celebrates Pride

“I love how international the company is. Everyday, I get to interact with colleagues from Asia, Europe, North, Central and South America.”

— Morgane Eloi, Senior Software Engineer

“For me, the best part of working at GumGum is the combination of scale (we process BILLIONS of ad events an hour) and level of individual autonomy. For systems of this scale you would normally be bound by miles and miles of red tape -not at GumGum!”

— Corey Gale, DevOps Manager

GumGum team members celebrate Diwali with a virtual lunch

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