“Opportunity cost” is one of those terms you may have heard dropped by a fancy suit with an expensive haircut divulging the seven steps to become the CEO of your own herbal supplements company from home in a ninety second clip that you just couldn’t seem to summon the will to scroll past because you sorta daydreamed through the first twenty-eight seconds and then felt too invested to do anything else but see it through to the end. And while it can be tricky to grasp as a business concept (especially if expressed exclusively in terms of pricing essential oil cartons), sometimes a problem presents itself in a way that it is only solvable by grappling with this intangible topic.

Photo of a slice of rainbow cake
Splitting multi-label data isn’t a piece of cake. 🍰 (Image used under license from Shutterstock)


A crane carrying shipping containers
Figure 1. A gantry crane — a specialized type of crane for loading and unloading container vessels.

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