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Gummys Advisor: Introducing Guido Schmitz Krummacher

Guido serves as president of the board of Gummy Bears AG. He served as a Swiss Board of Director for a number of projects like Shape Shift, Cardano, Wings, Golem, Nimiq, Interchain, Tezos, Particl Foundation, and several others. Guido holds degrees in international and corporate law, as well as an EMBA in Finance and International Management and a certified Swiss Board Member.

Prior to entering the Blockchain industry, he spent 25 years in management positions in the banking, chemicals, and human resources sector, as well as supported start-ups in navigating the business world.

Guido currently serves as a Managing Director for Lisk Foundation and also Board member/director at the Bancor (Bprotocol Foundation), Liquidapps, Collider AG, and Bank ten31. He also is a co-founder of Alpha Foundation.

His goal is to provide the Blockchain Ecosystem and Entrepreneurs with innovative solutions to solve complex problems facing the industry. He has given talks on the subject at a number of international conferences. He is popularly called a true veteran of the crypto space.

“Nothing is impossible” and “I try harder” are two of Guido’s favorite mottos, and they perfectly describe his approach to work and life.

Guido plays football and spends time with his homies when he is not driving the global adoption of serious blockchain projects. With his excellent sense of humor, he makes everyone laugh.

Why Guido joined the advisory team:

“Content, interaction, and community are the cornerstones of the streaming economy. People yawn to form a strong connection with the streamer. They desire to be a part of something bigger. Gummys TV provides a platform that encourages community members to communicate and participate by incentivizing engagement and interaction.”

Life is not all about work for Guido:

Guido enjoys experimenting with DIY (Do It Yourself) projects such as arts and crafts, cooking, and putting things together in his free time. He also enjoys participating in charitable activities, and as someone who is enthusiastic about solving global issues, he would do whatever it takes to ensure that the world is safe for everyone to live and it is proven by his work and believes “Nothing is impossible”.

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