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GURLS Clinic Write-up

By Eliza Lerman and Jayna Frank

Note: This GURLS service project was conducted in Spring 2018.

Our service project was to lead an ultimate clinic for elementary school girls.

For our service project, we ran an ultimate clinic for elementary school girls. Eliza was in charge of communication and publicity, and Jayna was in charge of getting the field and writing the curriculum.

In order to prepare for the clinic, we first had to find field space on a day that worked for both of us. Jayna contacted Joe Barr and he helped us secure the El Cerrito field. Jayna also wrote the curriculum. We then set up a registration page on the BADA website with the help of Jen Pashley. After this was complete, we were able to start spreading the word. Eliza posted it on online forums (like Berkeley parents network) and elementary school e-trees. After this was all done, all we had to do was find enough discs and buy some snacks for the kids.

At the clinic we taught the basics of frisbee such as how to throw, catch, and mark. We also taught them the basic rules like possession and how a point will start with a pull.

This clinic was also a learning experience for us. We learned how difficult publicizing and networking can be, because only 3 people came out. If we were to do this project again, we would want to give ourselves more time to publicize it and advertise. We would also try to be more aware of the resources we have access to and would reach out for help earlier on in our process.

Overall we found this a positive experience and learned a lot. Even though there were only a few girls who signed up, they seemed to enjoy the clinic and were engaged throughout the whole 2 hours, which we considered a success.

Eliza Lerman and Jayna Frank are alums of the Girls Ultimate Revolution Leadership (GURLS) program. Please visit our website, Facebook or Instagram to learn more.




GURLS seeks to address and disrupt a lack of inclusivity and support of girlx athletes by creating the next generation of strong, lifelong leaders who strive to give back to their community, empower other girlx, and fight to create positive change for all.

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GURLS Program

GURLS Program

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