Accept the reality that manifests around you

There is a battle going on inside me.

This battle is fought every day. Many times a day.

It’s the dispute between what happens and what I want to happen.

My mind is very active. Just like yours. And it thinks a lot.

It creates scenarios. It creates expectations, sees the future and makes me prepare for it.

But the truth is that most of the time, what manifests in front of me, is not what I had imagined.

The reality that presents itself is not equal to the reality that I imagined.

And this mismatch between these two realities is what causes me suffering.

That’s what happens when I do not accept what manifests in front of me.

It’s what I feel when I get stuck in traffic, when someone is late, when someone reacts differently than I expected, when I get a critique, when the sun goes away and it gets cold, when things take too long or when Happen.

And what I understand is that my mind thinks that it knows what is best for me. But the rational mind is too limited to understand life and understand the whole. And this makes it hard to accept that what is manifesting in front of you is best for you.

Then I began to observe more. Observe more and classify less as right or wrong, good or bad. Observe and accept that what is manifesting in front of you is exactly what You need to live.

And what I do with this manifest reality is what determines what can happen next. The future is coined in the now. The way I deal with what is presented to me, will get me into a spiral of negative feelings, worry, fear and anger. Or an upward spiral of acceptance until you can feel gratitude.

And when I realize that, I see how much I pretended to want things to be my way, my timing, and that people behave the way I want them to.

Life is too big. People are complex universes. And there is an intelligence behind everything that makes all encounters happen in an incredibly perfect way. The math of life is perfect and in the geometry of life, all the pieces are fitting together perfectly. There is a perfect unfolding and we just need to know how to accept …

The flow of life is already happening. We just have to stop interrupting.

Observe how you have reacted to what manifests itself. Accept what manifests and see how your life will flow.

Translation: Lucia Goulart

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