How to spiritually awaken others

Imagine the following scenario.

You and some friends decided to spend a weekend together and rented a house in the mountains.

You got there, spent the day together and then went to sleep at night. Each in your own rooms.

The next day, some of you woke up very early while others were still sleeping.

Do you think those who woke up early are more evolved than those still sleeping?

They just woke up earlier. Maybe they woke up earlier because they have the habit of waking up early. Or maybe because they were sufficiently rested. Or because they had slept badly. Or even because the room they were in was too bright.

They are not better than the others.

Now, what would happen if you tried to wake them up?

They would probably get irritated and annoyed. They could even give you a fight that they did not get the so needed rest.

And those sleeping are not less evolved. You do not know what had happened to them. Maybe they had a hard week. They could have been sleep deprived. They might have gone to bed late the night before..

What can the people who woke up earlier do then?

Just go on with their day.

They could start making breakfast, cleaning up the house, preparing the day schedule and organizing things to do.

They could prepare breakfast ready for everyone, including those sleeping.

They could think about the possibilities for that day and discuss them with others when they wakeup.

This way, when they do wake up, they will feel cared for. They will feel they are among friends. They will feel the journey is a journey that is worth living. They will feel they are in the right place.

Life for those who woke up late could be a lot easier if those who woke up early prepared the way…

That is how I see spiritual awakening.

Maybe you dislike seeing a world where people around you do not have the same outlook.

Maybe you really want that people around you experience the same things you do.

Maybe you want them to open up to something greater.

But they are still sleeping.

And if you try to wake them up, there might be a fight.

Leave them where they are.

Continue doing your work without involving anyone . Do your part and take care of the house. Take care of the surroundings and whatever it is you are able to do at the moment.

Remember that you are not better than anyone else. We are all in the same game. You just woke up earlier.

And soon, everyone will be awake. No exception.

When the Sun starts to shine strongly, the light comes into every room and there is no way we can continue sleeping.

And that is what is happening now.

The light is coming strong. Very soon everyone will be awake. And when they wake up, we will have done many things to make their lives easier so that we can have fun on this journey together…

Gustavo Tanaka

Author of the book 11 Days of Awakening

Original article:

Translation: Simone Palma and Denis Karenkin