Hello from the Gusto Brand Design team.

Hey look, it’s us! (Natalie: interactive designer, Jenna: letterer, Camellia: illustrator)

Hi 👋 We’re Gusto’s marketing designers. Gusto offers refreshingly intuitive payroll, benefits, and HR software for over 40,000 small and mid-sized businesses. We are the team responsible for all of the brand experiences and designs that you encounter before logging into your account.

We are a small (but mighty) group of illustrators, letterers, and interactive designers who work with Gusto’s world-class Marketing team to build brand experiences that communicate our mission and vision. We’re a team of do-ers that dream and dreamers that do. We believe in crafting experiences that delight as much as they inform and doing it in a way that reflects our authentic values as a company and our love for our customers.

We want to share anecdotes, stories, lessons, and musings on design at Gusto. We’ve gone through a rebrand, added many new features to our product, launched our first national brand campaign in less than a month, oh and our CEO will hop in an RV to road trip across the United States to learn from the best small businesses (You know, just normal CEO stuff).

We invite you to follow along with us on our journey as we learn, share, and grow as a design team. In fact, if this sounds like an adventure you’d like to join, you might be a good fit for our team.

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