How to go from intern to full-time product designer

Tips on maximizing your growth as a new designer.

1. Convince yourself you’re not “just an intern.” 🤓

Early in my internship, I got great advice my teammate Will. I asked how I could set myself up for long-term success at Gusto. He told me to jump headfirst into anything I wanted. To not shy away from anything because, “I’m an intern.” I took that advice and ran with it. I became a team captain at our annual Gusto Games and co-founded the San Francisco chapter of our environmental group, Green Gusties. All things I may have shied away from because they weren’t within my defined role.

You can grow up without “growing up.” From my favorite bar in Chicago, where I attended Designation.

2. Grow confident in your whole-self. 💗

I’ve struggled with this. When I get nervous, I can become formal — but in actuality, I’m a goofy, light-hearted person. So at Gusto, I invested time really getting to know my teammates and figuring out ways to help others. Fostering these connections allowed me to feel comfortable being my whole-self which, in turn, helps me create my best work.

Me at my purest—case and point.

3. Build yourself a seat at the table. 🏗

In the beginning of my internship, I worked on a cross-functional project with remote partners. I witnessed our progress halt and after a few days, connected with someone who had expertise in recruiting customers for interviews. They taught me how to run a data query and pull the customers I needed, allowing me to unblock our project. Moving forward, I continued this approach. It helped grow my voice as a team player.

I helped organize for Gusto to host an Inclusive Design event with A11yBay.

4. Develop unique design interests. 🔮

I’m passionate about Inclusive Design. In December, I met Michael, an inspiring senior designer at Airbnb focused on inclusion. When I arrived at Gusto, I discovered our head of design was his mentor. I jumped at the opportunity to bridge this gap — I organized for Michael to give a guest lecture to our design team and for Gusto to host an event with his Meetup group, A11yBay. I also joined task forces to help improve accessibility of our own physical space and product.

6. Improve your presentation skills. 💬

Over the course of three months, I presented A LOT. I presented at small group critiques and hackathons, as well as to cross-functional teams, department heads, and eventually to the entire executive team. That’s right, as an intern I had the opportunity to present my final designs to our c-suite. It was awesome (OK it was scary, but I survived). Instead of feeling like I was the smallest person in the room, I took it as an opportunity to meet and learn from new people. Each time I presented, I gained comfort and iterated on my preparation and presentations based on feedback.

Introducing myself and my work to our executive team.

7. Learn how to prioritize your process. ⌛

My first project was a customer service chatbot with a tight deadline. My original plan had three rounds of customer testing — after getting feedback and reflecting on my goals, I cut two. I realized due to the human nature of chatbots, interacting with a clickable prototype wasn’t going to give us the data we needed—but a live demo later on would. Knowing this, I cut two weeks off my original proposal and, more importantly, met my deadline.

Our new office. What do you want to do in life with Gusto?

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Caitlin Brisson

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Product Designer at Gusto // Visual scientist

Gusto Design

One intuitive place to manage payroll, benefits, and HR for your business. Goodbye, tedious work. Hello, meaningful work. We're hiring designers!