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‘Demerara Gold’: A Story of Immigration and Reconciliation

Griffith Performs Acclaimed Play at East Hampton Library, New York

Ingrid Griffith

By Mark Segal | The East Hampton Star

Ingrid Griffith was 7 years old when her parents emigrated from Guyana to the United States, leaving her and her older sister with their grandmothers, one of whom was a recluse, the other a religious fanatic. Five years passed before the girls joined their parents on Long Island.

Ms. Griffith, an actress and writer with a house in Springs, has turned her story into “Demerara Gold,” an 80-minute solo show she will perform Saturday afternoon at 3 at the East Hampton Library. With a set consisting of one chair and a screen, and punctuated by Caribbean music, she portrays 18 characters, including herself at different ages, her parents, her grandparents, her sister, and her American friends.

Once reunited with her parents, she grew up in Wheatley Heights, and, while at City College, she began taking acting classes. That led to commercials and eventually to productions at the American Place Theatre, Aaron Davis Hall, John Jay College, and the Southampton Cultural Center, among others. Because it was not financially sustaining, she took a break from acting to return to school.

Read more via The East Hampton Star.

More information about “Demerara Gold”, click here.




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