Prag ythew ‘Gwedhen Owr’ y’gan gylwyr ?

Why are we called ‘Golden Tree’?

Eythen, Porthcurno

Gwedhen Owr on ni

We are Golden Tree

We want to make a difference to Cornwall.

We believe that unearthing our history is the foundation for building our future.

We believe that a confident, inclusive culture ignites creativity, fuels innovation and drives the entrepreneurial spirit.

We believe that Cornwall deserves dignity, optimism and empowerment.

Ni a vynn gul dyffrans dhe Gernow.

Ni a grys bos palas agan istori selyans rag derhevel agan termyn a-dheu.

Ni a grys bos gonisogeth kolonnek dalghus a enow an awen, maga nowydhyans ha lewya spyrys entrpreneurek.

Ni a grys y tal dhe Gernow dygnita, govenek ha gallosheans.

We want to challenge perceptions of Cornwall.

We see our communities dealing with huge social issues whilst being portrayed as idyllic playgrounds.

We see our unique cultural landscape as rooted in a distinctive past yet enriched with a myriad of global influences.

We see Cornwall as a leading exporter of contemporary excellence — our starting point, not just a destination.

Ni a vynn chalenjya gwelyow a Gernow.

Ni a wel agan kemeniethow gans dadhlansow sosyal meur yn kettermyn bos diskwedhys avel gwarivaow powek.

Ni a wel agan tirwel gonisogethek yn unnek gwreydhys yn termyn eus passys dyffrans mes rychhes gans kammneves a dennansow an bys.

Ni a wel bos Kernow avel mesperther ledya a gothter a hedhyw — agan point dalleth nag yw marnas penn an fordh.

Like the Gorse, we fly our Cornish colours with honesty, openness and hope,

A sweet-smelling champion, a deep-rooted stalwart in all weathers, proper prickly when roused.

For Inclusivity and Empowerment,

For Diversity and Distinctiveness,

Rag Kernow bys Vykken

Gwedhen Owr on ni

Kepar ha’n Eythin, y tiskwedh agan liwyow gans onester, ygorder ha gwaytyans,

Kampyer blasa-hweg, men gwreydhys down yn pub kewer, pur dhr enek pan yw sevys.

Rag Dalghuster ha Gallosheans

Rag Dalghter ha Dyffranster

For Cornwall for Ever

We are Golden Tree

Eythen, Treen