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Environmental aspects of Bitcoin (Overview):

  • Bitcoin burdens the environment due to energy consumption, which comes from fossil fuels and the release of carbon dioxide into the environment.
  • In recent years, a large percentage of the energy consumed for the mining of Bitcoin comes from renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric energy.
  • The use of green products and technologies is constantly evolving and expanding.
  • Many miners operate in geographical areas where the weather is conducive to renewable energy sources.
  • By connecting the bitcoin network to renewable energy sources there is no waste energy.

Total Bitcoin Electricity consumption from January 2017 until October 2021.

CBECI: Bitcoin Electricity Consumption

Key Points

  1. Products that support the ESG objectives in a binding manner.
  2. Products that invest heavily in sustainable or other ESG initiatives.
  3. Products that do not fall into any category.

Could it be greener?

Our main goal as GX Blocks Energy is to promote transparency in the use of energy and to accelerate sustainable mining both on a personal and corporate level globally.

GX Blocks



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