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Step Into Bitcoin Mining Process

Why choose GX Mining Contracts?

It’s time for Plan Ƀ with GX Blocks Energy

In the present article, we will discuss some key aspects of the cryptocurrency mining industry and answer how GX Blocks offers innovative and practical solutions. To begin with, let’s explain what mining is in a few words.

There are a few ways by which people can acquire Bitcoin. The main method is to buy it directly from a cryptocurrency exchange. Alternatively, one can earn it through the process of mining, if they worry about price fluctuations.

is the process through which transactions from various cryptocurrency ecosystems are verified and added to the public digital ledger, or else, the blockchain. The people who voluntarily offer the computational power to perform these tasks are called “miners”. Bitcoin miners receive Bitcoin as a reward for offering computing power in order to complete ‘blocks’ of verified transactions that are added to the blockchain. This reward in bitcoin is what financially motivates people to get involved in bitcoin mining: to become bitcoin miners.

If you want to learn more, read our previous article about bitcoin & bitcoin mining .

However, as more miners compete for bitcoin rewards, the process becomes more difficult. Nowadays, it has become very costly and hardly profitable for anyone to mine on their own.

At first glance, bitcoin mining rewards to individual miners may appear cost-effective. However, this is nowadays far from the truth. The mining process is arranged in a way that when more miners get involved, therefore by increasing the amount of computing power dedicated to , the difficulty level of solving the puzzle increases. Considering the additional costs associated with investing in specialized and expensive mining equipment, as well as the high electricity costs, it becomes evident that individual miners cannot easily break even their initial capital, let alone make a profit. That is why many people have resorted to other methods of Bitcoin Mining.

Due to the above, the industry has seen the emergence and development of mining companies that have turned mining into a full service, meaning handling the whole mining process on behalf of their customers.

But Why Mine Bitcoin with GX Blocks?

So, why should someone choose for mining Bitcoin, over the competition?

GX Blocks has the most competitive prices for without Hidden Fees.

You can, also, choose the duration of your contract between 12, 24 or 36 months.

Find out more about our competitive prices & profitable GX Contracts .

No hidden fees or hidden terms on your contract!

One of the biggest problems in the industry of cloud mining was -and still is- the confusing terms of a mining contract. Electricity fees, maintenance fees, and any other type of fees make it really complicated for the user to calculate their final output and to understand the terms of their contract. offers really simple mining contracts, with straight and clear terms (you can find the terms on the description of every type of contract), which don’t predict any additional kind of maintenance, electricity & hosting fees.

holders will receive 100% of the mining output. Earnings will be distributed to the private wallet of users, on a monthly basis until the contract expires.

Purchase GX Bitcoin Mining Contracts .

What differentiates GX Blocks from other companies? Why choose GX Blocks?

The Sustainable business model!

What also differentiates from other providers is that it also addresses the industry’s biggest problem, which is the lack of sustainable & eco-friendly crypto mining.

We have created a sustainable business model that respects environmental conditions and at the same time sets a robust basis for future growth.

That’s why prioritizes efficiency and sustainability, by handling power consumption & costs with autonomous Renewable Energy Sources and our innovative cooling system.

Transparency at your fingertips

gives a lot of weight to transparency, in order to capture its users’ trust. In that spirit, we digitize our in the form of smart contracts. We provide monthly analytical reports for our users to monitor the performance of their contracts.

Trust the experts

To realize this, and to bring trust into , it is essential to have a strong team whose members are highly experienced in their relevant fields. Therefore, our consists of specialized and qualified professionals in the energy sector and blockchain technology. Our members are experienced in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, as they have been in the industry since 2013 and have a track record of Bitcoin mining since 2014.

At , our client’s best interest always comes first, and everything we do is guided by our values and professional ethics.

Start Bitcoin Mining with GX Blocks!

Find out more about how combines blockchain technology with green energy to create a sustainable future!

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