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Products Development


· Optimized and upgraded the GXChain VM performance


· Optimized the Korean version of the application area, banner area

· Optimized asset pages

· Fixed USDT withdrawal problem

· GXUniverse Program in development

gxchain explorer

· Contract account added remarks custom information development


· GXChain community construction progress was made in overseas, in addition to the existing multilingual community, community https://t.me/gxchainsrilanka new Sri Lanka, blockchain from the local fans are joining GXChain, community atmosphere active, the number is growing.

· Fernando Molina, the global pioneer of GXChain, participated in the offline activity held in London on August 2 and introduced the research and development results and the latest trends of GXChain to overseas blockchain enthusiasts who came to participate in the activity. Many enthusiasts showed strong interest in GXChain.

· GXC repurchase program the last phase of the repurchase begins, this repurchase amount of $2 million, the proceeds of the GXC repurchase will be transferred to the address: gxc-buy-back.

· GXChain foundation early exposure “GXUniverse Program Ⅰ: Gravity Network

· “Detailed rules, 2000000GXC and 300000+USDT into the accelerated star pool, is expected to add 125,000 users, the new purchasing power will be more than 13 million GXC.

Branding & Marketing

· On July 30, CCDI released the 13th edition of global public chain technology evaluation index. GXChain scored 110.7 points, ranking the fifth overall. In terms of sub-index of basic technology, GXChain obtained 88.3 points. By optimizing GXX, an intelligent contract compilation tool, it has upgraded the intelligent contract template and ranked among the top three basic technologies.

· On July 31, GXChain was invited to participate in the research activity of Hangzhou development and reform commission. At the survey meeting, the delegates discussed the existing problems and needs of enterprises extensively. GXChain expressed that, while thanking the government departments for supporting the new blockchain technology, it was hoped that more enterprises and the public could approach, understand and accept the blockchain and its related concepts, and experience the convenience brought by the technology.

· MQ Huang, founder and CEO of GXChain, an exclusive interview with Mars finance on recent industry trends. As for the Libra project, which is closely concerned, Huang said that Libra itself plays a great role in promoting the blockchain industry to obtain incremental users. In terms of the overall environment, this project is very welcome. Referring to the future development of the team, he frankly said that he hoped that the trusted computing protocol could be put into the commercial application as soon as possible to serve more enterprises, and he also expected more peers to join together to make the trusted computing market bigger.

GXChain Project

A Trusted Data Internet of Value


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GXChain is a fundamental blockchain for the global data economy, designed to build a trusted data internet of value.

GXChain Project

A Trusted Data Internet of Value

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