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Products Development


· Upgraded GXX compilation tool, 40% coding progress

· The ES plug-in fixes the inability to insert special data structures


· EarnSoon supports ETH feature rollout

· EarnSoon ETH activities are available

· Community plus V problem fixes

· Community comment thumb up issues fixed

· Red envelopes support LUCY’s currency

· EarnWell supports LAD currency

· Group treasure box optimization

· USDT supports OMNI and ERC20

· Home page and asset page revision (under development)


· Distinguish between contract account and ordinary account, the main network has been online


· Updated public information node confirmation box to add signing_key display


· BlockCity EarnWell will launch BTC and ETH value-added products on Tuesday and Thursday, with the expected annualized maximum of 8% for guaranteed capital products and 18% for floating products.

· BlockCityEarnSoon opens ETH, and launches EarnSoon top-up activity, where users complete BTC, ETH, EOS and other tasks, and can get up to 500ETHEarnSoon experience money.

· Week 23 of GXChain developer incentive plan: apply for one new person, apply for one Demo tutorial, and award 11460 GXC accumulatively. The GXChain foundation provides a generous bounty to encourage everyone to work together to promote the construction of the GXChain technology community, and expects more developers to participate in the development of the GXChain project.

· The second round of GXChain overseas community Sharing Campaign has officially ended. This activity lasted for four weeks and a total of 3,832 people joined. Thanks for the participation of community members from all over the world.

· Members of the overseas community produced a Russian version of the video of three minutes to learn about GXChain, which has been uploaded to the official Youtube channel of GXChain.

· GXChain community construction progress was made in Vietnam, cable group new Vietnam community: https://t.me/GXChainVietNamese. GXChain enthusiasts continue to join, and the local popularity of GXChain is growing.

· GXChain continues to expand in Europe, local time on July 5–6 GXChain attended CIBTC Granada summit, the mayor of Granada, computer and chain blocks, professor at the University of Seville, Spain Alastria blockchain alliance, or cajas project with investors, Banks and local blockchain GXChain global pioneer Fernando Molina delivered GXChain and economic data as the theme speech. The atmosphere of the event was good, and the blockchain enthusiasts attending the conference showed great interest in GXChain.

Branding & Marketing

· GXChain participated in the charity activities of coin safety and formed a strategic alliance — “Pink Care Token” alliance with 46 organizations. It also accepted the # Pink challenge # relay on social media and recorded a cheer video. The “Pink Care Token” alliance aims to provide sanitary pads to women who have no access to menstrual hygiene products due to poverty, so as to bring millions of women out of their menstrual difficulties and restore their dignity as girls.

· MQ Huang, founder and CEO of GXChain, was invited to attend the second global graphene blockchain developer conference 2019. MQ Huang gave a keynote speech on trusted computing and blockchain. In his sharing, he explained in detail how trusted computing can be combined with blockchain technology and the technical route of trusted computing, and introduced the progress of GXChain based on graphene underlying architecture. He also said that trusted computing has the characteristics of strong neutrality, high compliance and low commercial cost, and the combination of trusted computing and blockchain technology has huge business opportunities. At the conference, MQ Huang also spoke with the Bitshares core developer team about potential future collaboration opportunities.

· MQ Huang, founder and CEO of GXChain, accepted an exclusive interview with Shanghai business news on the scene of the second global graphene blockchain developer conference in 2019. MQ Huang had an in-depth conversation with journalists on hot topics such as the limited reasons for the development of the blockchain industry and the combination of blockchain technology and financial technology. Founded in 2003, China business news is one of the largest financial and economic portals in China, affiliated to Shanghai Oriental media group (SMG), the second largest media group in China, and the most influential and complete financial and economic media group in China.

· MQ Huang, founder and CEO of GXChain, was invited to attend the great China public chain seminar hosted by news and information platform division. MQ Huang analyzes and summarizes the privacy leakage and other problems existing in the current era of big data, and shares the future layout and development direction of GXChain. He said, GXChain will continue to do a good job of layout, good data protocol; At the same time, more public chains will be studied. In the future, cross-chain cooperation with COSMOS and Boca will be attempted. GXChain will support more ecological projects in the future.

GXChain Project

A Trusted Data Internet of Value


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GXChain is a fundamental blockchain for the global data economy, designed to build a trusted data internet of value.

GXChain Project

A Trusted Data Internet of Value

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