REI Network X GamyFi Ecosystem Partnership

REI Network is excited to partner with GamyFi on aspects of fantasy sports & NFT Marketplace. This partnership will enable REI Network ecosystem partners to be able to tap into GamyFi’s NFT Marketplace & Fantasy sports platform for their requirements.

GamyFi is a Blockchain-based E-Sports and gaming platform which incentivizes gamers and sports enthusiasts for their skills and knowledge with exciting rewards and NFTs and multi-chain scalability system. GamyFi is going to launch on multiple blockchains. As part of the partnership, GamyFi is going to build on REI Network. REI Network is compatible with EVM, supporting the ease of integration of GamyFi users on Ethereum, and will provide infrastructure support to GamyFi platform.

About GamyFi Platform

GamyFi Platform is a blockchain gaming and fantasy sports platform providing cross chain solutions in gaming and NFT fields. GamyFi’s service includes A decentralized NFT Marketplace and a Fantasy Sports application.

About REI Network

REI Network is now an efficient and secure public chain compatible with EVM. REI Network is based on the lightweight code construction of open-source projects such as LibP2P, EVM, Express, and GRPC, which provide developers with a more relaxed development environment. The innovative free economic model can effectively reduce the on-chain transaction cost of users. REI Network improves on-chain interoperability through high-quality bridges. Apart from inheriting existing users, REI Network aspires to become a bridge for billions of Web2 users to safely, efficiently, and freely switch to Web3 networks.

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