Treat your body like your business

Good team leaders, managers, founders, CEO’s pay close attention to metrics. They take the time to understand what their team, customers and data is telling them. They form strategies and develop new ideas to grow and improve their businesses based on these findings.

We generally all seek to improve ourselves, feel better, be happier and more successful. Yet, how much time do we take to understand, monitor and improve on our own physical and mental metrics?

Do we prioritise our work metrics over our own? Hopefully not, and whilst it’s easy to use the latest SASS product to learn something new about your business I’d like to suggest you spend time this year on the forgotten metric.

The forgotten metric is you.

Fact is if you’re eating and sleeping poorly with low physical activity you’re operating your body and mind inefficiently. If you drink alcohol regularly you’re compounding this effect.

Your thoughts, feelings, decisions and motivations all depend on how you fuel operate your body. The only vessel you’ll ever have.

It’s obvious to most people and still we ignore it. We read articles and posts by people who finally take responsibility for their nutrition and health and how it’s transformed everything for them and we still ignore it.

This year, screw the old habits that are destructive to you. Put more time into yourself, make small improvements that are easy to do. Do one thing every day that makes your health and mental wellbeing better.

Work to month on month (MoM) progress to your lifestyle, nutrition and activity levels.

  • Sugar intake down 10%.
  • Healthy fats up 10%.
  • Exercise up 5%.
  • Alcohol down 3%.
  • Sleep up 3%.

It doesn’t have to be complicated (unlike business metrics) and rest assured for every 1% improvement you make, your personal life and business life will benefit. The compound effect is massive, go get it.