Writing Meaningful Content Is Easier Than You Think

Content Strategist Stephanie Hay Shares Her Insights

Aquent Gymnasium


Gymnasium was thrilled to have Capital One’s content strategist Stephanie Hay as our special guest for the online event, Designing for Understanding, in which she and Academic Director Jeremy Osborn discuss her content-first approach to interactive design. Below are five take-aways from their conversation:

  1. The biggest challenge people have in implementing a content-first approach to web design is thinking that they have to get buy-in first.
  2. Content has taken a central role in designing compelling experiences that truly connect with people.
  3. It is human nature that web teams want to structure and categorize content immediately or have an entire architecture designed before ever looking at the actual content.
  4. A content-first model helps members of a web/mobile team (designers and developers in particular) because designers love designing with real content and developers can design better systems and experiences.
  5. Project managers can avoid “swoop and poop” by involving the CEO from Day 1 though co-creating throughout the process rather than creating in a black box and asking for approval.

Watch the event recording for the full story.

Designing for Understanding with Stephanie Hay

Stephanie is also the instructor of our new course Writing for Web and Mobile. This free, online course is designed to help copy editors, marketers, web designers, and content strategists write compelling content that engages users.

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